Survival Island in Minecraft

10 Best Survival Island in Minecraft | Top Picks for Players at all Skill Level

In Minecraft, there are a lot of mini-games where you have to survive as long as possible on a deserted island. But this blog post is going to talk about what I think is the most complicated but also the best survival island in minecraft. I’ve tried to survive on a few different islands, but I’ve never found a good survival island where I’m not running out of food and water really quickly.


Here are the Top 10 Survival Island in Minecraft

1. Plains

You will start off in a cave to begin the game, and it will be the first place you will go to explore and try to build. Players will have to explore the plains before you can build anything new, so start exploring as soon as you can. You can see plenty of interesting things in this location. There are lots of lakes and huge rocks. But it is also full of zombies and skeletons. You will have to be careful at all times to avoid them.

2. Forest

Forest biomes are common, flowery, and densely wooded with oak and birch trees. Lilies of the valley, lilacs, rose bushes, and peonies are found alongside the usual dandelions and poppies. Wolves spawn in forests, making this the only other biome aside from taigas where wolves can spawn.

3. Beach

Once you chop down some trees and start planting, you will be able to make a nice new beach. However, to do that, you will need some beach sand. You will have to find it because the only source of sand is the sand dunes that appear naturally near the beach.

4. Warm Ocean

Is there any better place than the ocean for a vacation? There are not only lots of fishes and coral reefs, but you will also be able to find other nice places to relax. Swimming can be a great way to get the fresh air you need to survive.

5. Wooded Hills


This is a perfect outdoor survival island. Trees will be easily available to you, and each tree will give you two additional pieces of wood. You will have to carry these two pieces of wood around so that you can make fire, making this survival island ideal for newcomers.

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6. Lukewarm Deep Ocean

This survival island is one of the deepest in Minecraft, so you will need a bit of luck to survive here. As you might expect, the only foods available here are fish and crabs. You will need to get both of these to eat on your survival island. You can either go fishing or build an ice fishing shed to catch fish, but you will need to buy enough ice blocks to make a large enough ice fishing pond.

7. Flower Forest

This is a lovely forest with 2 farms and a lake full of fish. This is the perfect spot for farming as well as growing your own food. You will have to make sure that you stick to the lake as all the fish will be shot down by the catfish.

8. Sunflower Plains

Sunflower Plains is the best place to get those orange seeds you need. All the seeds you need for farming in the survival game are available here, and the only thing you need to watch out for are giant spiders.

9. River

In the survival island you will have the option to start by fishing by using a fishing rod that you can find on your deck. Before fishing you need to get a boat as a wheelbarrow is not an efficient way of fishing. After fishing for some hours you will receive a catch of about 25 fish which you can either eat or cook and feed your team members.

10. Lukewarm Ocean

If you ever come across a strange looking hot spring in Minecraft, you will know that you are in luck. This cave lake is quite large, but if you land near the shore, you will probably get wet because of all of the waves. This is perfect for building a raft in order to reach the nearest island. You will have to use the metal wood axe and an axe made out of ice to travel on land.


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