Sell Ammo in Fallout 76

Where to Sell Ammo in Fallout 76 and Make Real Money

A lot of gamers do not indulge in the fallout 76 game for playing fun, they just want to make money. Whether it is the official in-game currency or real cash fallout 76 in-game items can be used to make some profit.


You can sell or other game items for caps, except for ammo. In the fallout 76 game, ammo cannot be sold for caps. Instead, third-party online marketplaces can be used to sell your in-game ammo. Then the cash you generate can be used to buy caps in the fallout 76 game.

In the fallout 76 online communities, one of the most asked questions is where a gamer can sell their ammo for some real cash? The answer is; there are lots of platforms that can be used to trade or barter your in-game items for some cash.

How to use the Gameflip platform to sell your Fallout 76 item for some real money

The best platform that a gamer can use to sell their fallout 76 items including ammo is Gameflip. With this platform, game players that are in dire need of cash can sell their in-game items and transfer to the game account of the buyer. Ranging from cosmetic skin to ammo.

All the game player needs to do is to list the ammo that they want to sell for real money on the gameflip mobile app or website.


Go on to choose code auto delivery, or bot delivery as is applicable to you. With the coordinate transfer option, the gamer can arrange the buyer to send the ammo to the buyer account the moment the item is sold. Whenever the transaction is completed on the gameflip platform the sales proceed would be deposited in the gamefilp wallet of the ammon seller. It is important that the sales proceed on the gameflip wallet can be withdrawn as real cash. This is how to make real cash by selling fallout 76.

What are the benefits of using Gamfilp to sell in-game items?

With the gameflip platform, there are no hidden fees involved. Also, there is no such thing as a membership fee in gameflip. Although they take a fee from the sales proceeds that you incurred.

Another interesting benefit of using gameflip is that there is protection from chargebacks or frauds that might take place before sending the buyer your in-game items.

Finally, the gameflip seller platform offers fast payout to fallout 76 gamers that want to sell their ammo. Although the time it takes to process funds varies depending on the bank or payment account you are using.

What about selling ammo to NPC vendors in fallout 76?

It is important for a gamer to know that it is impossible to sell ammo to NPC vendors in fallout 76. In previous games, it was possible because of caps that was an important part of the in-game economy.

The only way to sell ammo is to make use of a vending machine, and it can be sold to other fallout 76 players.

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