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6 Best Healers in WOW | World of Warcraft

Let’s take a look at some of the best healer in wow today. A lot of warcraft players make assertions that the most important role in the game is Tank. Well, truth is, that is not the most important in-game role. The most important of all in-game roles is the Healer.


Without the healer in the World of warcraft game, you team is bound to fail. Your DPS output does not matter if the Pre boss mobs in the game kill you. In the course of this article, we would be looking at the 6 best healers in the world of warcraft video game. We took our time to rank them based on their strengths, overall use to the group and their weaknesses. Without further mouthing, below are our best healer for wow.

Here Are The 6 Best Healer in WoW

1. Mistweaver Monk

To top our list of best healers in the warcraft game is the mistweaver monk. The max heals of this healer in the game is much lower than that of other classes. Some healers make up for this drawback with their utilities and overall perks. They are also equipped with big immunities and mobility boosters. They can sometimes be refered as the tankiest of all the healers in the world of warcraft game.

You can check out a typical build of this healer using this link.

2. Restoration Druid Healer

This is the second best healer in the world of warcraft video game. It is very much versatile and well rounded healer. This world of warcraft class focuses more on preemptive deals with certain HOT’s in the game. Some of this preemptive HOT’s in the game can sometimes turn out to be an obstacle.

Here is a breakdown of some of the strengths of the Restoration Druid Healer in world of warcraft;

  • Multiple powerful debuffs.
  • This healer has very good defensive utilities.
  • At the cost of DPS, this healer has the ability to talent in to more defensives in the WoW game.

For some of the weaknesses of the Restoration Druid healer are:

  • It has an unpredictable spot healing
  • This particular healer has a below average throughput once CD’s have being used up.

For a typical example of the build of this game, check out the website of the World of Warcraft.

3. The Holy Paladin

This is an interesting healer in the game that is an amazing class to play. They are third place healers in the game because they are great for mobility boosting and have a good plate armor. The holy paladin healer in WoW have high value in dungeons and raids. Additional strengths include having powerful and efficient ST heals, having strong defensive CD’s and also a great damage reduction utility.
Some of the weakness of this healer are;

  • Glimmer of light that was nerfed for 8.3
  • The healer struggles with multiple spread targets.
  • It is not the best for mobility with very low weakness rate being very low.

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4.  Restoration Shaman

One of the best healers in the world of warcraft is Restoration shaman. This healer is the 4th ranked healer in this interesting video game. Although it has a low HPS (healing per second), they are very good for group and tank heals. They are usually nerfed and buffed in the video game, and that is the major reason why it is in the middle of the list of the best healers in the game.

When it comes to their strengths, they are good for raid heals with the chain heal feature, and it’s the only WoW healer with true interrupt (wind shear). It also has another powerful strength, which is called the “spirit link”.

Almost every good thing has a particular drawback. Some of the drawbacks of the restoration shaman is that is has low mobility and struggles with throughput in higher keys.

5.  The Discipline Priest

Just like the Holy priest, the discipline healer ranks very low in the world of warcraft game. If you use this healer in higher dungeons, you are bound to get an overall struggle with throughput. There is some compensation to the shortcomings of this low-ranked healer in WoW. Some of which include; it can cause AOE and single target reductions, having a mass dispel and life grip that are very strong and so much more. The best place to use the Discipline healer is in the Eternal place. Here is a typical build of the discipline healer in the World of Warcraft game.

6. The Holy Priest

It is important to note that the holy priest in the minecraft game is capable of large amounts of heals. They are very good at hitting large heals per second in the game. Although they are the least-ranked healers due to some of their shortcomings.
The Holy priest in the WoW has the capacity to give off a sustained strong healing. They can also cause a powerful raid CD in the Divine Hymn. Some of the shortcomings of the Holy priest in the world of warcraft game include; low mobility, defensives, weak burst heals, and an overall lack of damage reduction abilities.


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