How to Start Burning Crusade

How to Start Burning Crusade in WOW (world of Warcraft)

This video game is an expansion set for the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) world of warcraft. At the time of the release of this game. (Jan 16, 2007), it was the fasted selling game in North America. World of Warcraft at that time sold for 1.9 million copies in America and sold for 1.6 million copies in Europe at the time of release.
There are so many cool races that are in the game, and they are; Draenei of the alliance, blood elves of the horde, etc.


Understanding the Plot of the Game

The Burning Crusade in the world of warcraft refers to the return of the burning legion. This legion is a vast army of demons that is part of the antagonist forces that are present in warcraft. The major enemies of gamers in the world of warcraft, are the antagonist forces which are mainly the legions in the warcraft universe.
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In addition to the majority of the new areas in Azeroth, the expansion showcases the ravaged world of Outland which in the game, the Burning and powerful legions control.
The Doom lord also known as Kazzak reopened the Dark portal that leads to the Outland, thus flooding Azeroth with the Demons from the burning legion. With the new blood elf and the Draenei allies, the expeditions from the Horde and Alliance are reinforced. The Alliance discovered most of their heroes that had cross through the portal many years ago, while the Horde made contact with the Mag’har orcs that did not take part in the original invasion of Azeroth.

How to start Leveling in Burning Crusade in WOW

In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at the best way to fast level in the Burning crusade. With the latest release of the world of warcraft, it would be easy to increase the level cap from 60 to 70. Let us look at a practical way to increase the cap when you roll in on one of the new races.
The best way to enjoy some of the best gaming content that Burning classic offers is to level through the outlands in the game. You can pay your way through leveling through the outland in the world of warcraft,  or just pay your way through.

What has changed in the Leveling in Burning Crusade?

In the launch of the Burning crusade classic, there are few changes that gamers should take note of. It is important to note that most of the leveling experience is the same between levels 1-60.
At level 30, a gamer should be able to get their first mount, which is level 40 in the classic version. Also, in the world of warcraft, the mount training cost has reduced in the game. If you want to get from levels 20-60, much experience is not required. But as for the experience from quests between 30-60, it has been increased between levels 30-60. In the world of warcraft classic, there are more quest hubs that have been added.

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How to Level Fast in WoW Burning crusade Classic


How to play WOW burning crusade and be successful? Here, we are going to look at some tips that can help gamers to level fast in WoW.
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1. Complete Your game Quests

Questing is the most popular way that gamers choose to level in World of warcraft. In the game, there are several quest hubs that you would find, especially if you are playing solo. For instance, in the new outland zones, there are quest hubs that you can work through and get that experience.
Unless you are racing to get to level 70 in WoW, questing is the best way to get help round out the world that you find yourself in.
It is important to note that a character that you boosted would not have the best gear and are likely to be weaker than those that have been leveled and up-geared naturally.

2. Pay attention to the colors in your Quest log

This tip largely depends on the priorities that the gamer has while trying to level through the outlands. The quests in the game show up as different colors and every gamer should learn to pay attention to them. This way, they wind up making the most of their time.
If you see a green or yellow quest, it means that is within a few levels of your character and is safe to complete solo. When a gamer sees a grey quest, it should be avoided in its entirety.
If you are looking for a higher level, then the orange or red quest can help your character should you indulge in them. Although, avoiding them in one piece can help you to avoid time-wasting and unnecessary deaths.

3. Allow Professionals to give you a helping hand

Learning a profession might appear to be counterintuitive if you want to reach level 70. But with the aid of certain trade skills, you can progress with levels. For instance, First Aid helps you to make consumables that can help to heal your character in the game.


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