How to Make Refined knife in Stranded Deep |Stranded Deep how to make refined knife PS4 and Xbox

How to Make Refined Knife in Stranded Deep PS4 and Xbox

Well, today we will show you exactly How to Make a Refined knife in Stranded Deep. Our guide comes with some comprehensive steps for players of stranded deep to simply craft a Refined Knife themselves.
The Refined Knife is one of those craftable items in stranded deep which allows the player to harvest resources like Yucca Plants or Fibrous Leaves from Young Palm Trees and to injure animals. It is also seen as the only tool allowing the Skinning of animals to obtain Small Meat and Rawhide, Large Meat, and Medium Meat.
Stranded deep Refined knife
If your purpose of building Refined Knife is for building structures, then you should have that changed. A refined knife is basically used for destroying structures, same as Crude, Refined Axes, Picks, and Stone tools. The Refined knife also does not have a crude counterpart in the Crude tool paradigm. Meanwhile, Refined Knife remains the only tool called “Refined” despite coming in the game’s description as a Crude tool.


This is How to Make Refined knife in Stranded Deep


To craft a refined knife, here are the few things you need; Meanwhile, the process involved in how to crafting a refined knife in stranded deep Xbox is similar to that of PS4.
i. A Stone Tool – This will form the cutting edge.
ii. A Stick – This will form the handle.
iii. Lashing – To get lashing, then you will need to get Fibrous leaves first. Cut them down (fibrous leaves) and then pull lashing from them.
Now that you’ve gathered all these tools, simply fix them together. You should have a Refined Knife by now.
Hope you have learned How to Make Refined knife in Stranded Deep yourself? Should we find out any other method in the future, then we will make an update here.

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Just so You Know: 0.14.00 Update
To skin an animal in stranded deep you must have a knife ready. You can now use the Knife on dead animals to skin it. In the future (upcoming update), skinning will be tied into one of your skills. If you have the required set skinning skills, you will succeed and be rewarded with meat and other items. If you don’t have the skills required, you will fail.
However, repeated failed attempts to skin an animal will result in you destroying the animal, leaving you with useless scraps. You will unlock the ability to skin larger animals as your skinning skills increase. Get ready for that as we move on.


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