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How to Get Gauss in Warframe | Warframe Gauss Farm

Did you know that Gauss is one of the most popular warframes out there? He is the best warframe in terms of a foot race. This warframe even gives the fast machines like Nexha and volt a run for their money.  But honestly, what kind of quality does the Gauss Warframe bring home. Well in the course of this article, we would take you through a guide on how to get the Gauss Warframe.


Gauss Warframe Abilities

This speed-based warframe relies most of the time on its movements. It is not the only game character that is built for speed though. We have the likes of Nehza that can light their feet on fire just to cook past enemies. Volt is another speed based warframe that gets a power boost whenever he sprints, and more interesting, can speed up allies that are around him. The Volt warframe has the ability to make an entire clan to warp around the world.  When up against though competition, Gauss has  a hard time standing out. But all in all, this review is about the Gauss warframe, so let us stick to him. Below is a list of abilities that the Gauss Warframe has:
The Mach Rush Ability: this warframe ability allows the gauss warframe to be able to burst into a hyper-sprint run, enabling it to run across water, and cover large distances faster. Whenver the Gauss warframe crashed into another object, it usually generates a shockwave that is powerful.
The Kinetic Plating Ability: This is another interesting ability that makes the gauss warframe produce an armour plating that can absorb kinetic damage into Energy. This ability interesting also protects gauss from being knocked down or staggered in any way. Did you know that the damage resistance that is accrued, is always relative to the battery level?
Thermal Thunder Sunder Ability: This ability allows the Gauss warframe to siphon kinetic energy from its surroundings, charging its battery and causing a Cold status for nearby enemies.
To exploit this ability, all you need to do is to press and hold, so that you can reverse the process. You would end up draining the battery and inflicting a heat status on engines that are nearby.
Readline Ability: This ability acts as a boost to other abilities that Gauss possesses. It is used to supercharge other abilities and set a fire rate, reload speed, and holster rate into overdrive. Whenever a gamer takes gauss past the redline, bolts of electricity would be periodically dancing around the gauss warframe.

The Passive Ability of Gauss

The gauss warframe never stops moving. Its motion constantly generates electrical current used to charge up his shields and speed gauge.
The passive ability also has the added advantage of decreasing the recharge delay up to a scale of 80 percent. This warframe also comes with its unique meter, which is the battery.

Practical Guide on How to Get Gauss in Warframe


A lot of gamers had a lot of expectations prior to the release of warframe. The gauss blueprints can be acquired by embarking on a Disruption mission. The parts can be found on the Grinneer Galleon- Sedna, Kelphie. Most of your enemies that you face in warframe are grineer, kit your Guass warframe accordingly.
In a bid to craft the perfect Gauss warframe for yourself, you would need to acquire a couple of open-world materials. Some of such materials include; Flora and gems.

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How to Farm Gauss in Warframe

how to get Gauss Warframe
On the Disruption missions that take place in Sedna, the parts of Gauss appears to have a 10 percent drop chance from Rotation C. Just prepare yourself to repeat a mission for some time. The Disruption works more like a combination of Excavation and Mobile defence. The gamer hacks a terminal that starts a wave that spawns a group of unique enemies known as Amalgams. The Gamer must hack four terminals in a bid to fend off Amalgams and destroy other enemies known as Demolysts. After this, a full-wave in warframe gauss farming would be complete.
At least, one terminal should be able to survive each onslaught. Did you know that the Demolysts can walk into a terminal and destroy it by self-destructing?
Dealing with the Demolysts first is the best way to defend the terminal. If you fail to do so and the self-destruct triggers, you would fail in that terminal.
It is important to note that Disruption does not use the same reward rules as with the traditional modes in the warframe.
This implies that a gamer is not guaranteed a Rotation C drop after completing a particular number of waves. Instead, the gamer has to defend all four terminals on the third wave to receive one Gauss blueprint.
From wave four upwards, the warframe gamer would now need to successfully defend the three terminals all the time.

Tips on How to Play Gauss in Warframe

The Gauss warframe is not as complicated as most gamers think. With the Redline and Mac Rush abilities, he can enjoy solid maneuverability. Thunder Sunder and Kinetic plating abilities are also good for holding down areas in the warframe. Unlike most modern warframe characters, the Gauss can be considered to be selfish. This warframe provides no support at all to its teammates. Gauss is nothing but a solid Damage-dealer. This makes him best so solo runs in the game.


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