How to get Grendel In Warframe

How to get Grendel In Warframe | Farm Grendel Fast

Here we will be showing you How to get Grendel In Warframe. One of the most popular warframes ever is Grendel. Unlike Khora and other warframe frames She a slow and tanky warframe that every gamer should have. At least, this warframe does not deal a lot of damage.


Grendel is one of the latest warframes to be released alongside the Update 26.
This warframe has a very unique playing style and can be used to devour enemies in the game. In the course of this article, we would be looking at a definite guide on how to get grendel in warframe.

This is How You Can Get Grendels Blueprints and Components

In the grendel warframe has four major parts, and they are; neuroptics, chassis, systems, and the main blueprint. In the game, the main blueprint can be acquired from the warframe in-game market at the value of 35,000 credits.

There are also regular missions that when you embark on them, you would be rewarded with Grendels component blueprints, plus they have their own modifier. It is important to note that moding in warframe has a lot of negative effects. The only exception here is the Augment mods. After moding, most of the time, you would be unable to use your operator or any other gear item.
How to get Grendel In Warframe 2

How to use Locators to unlock the Missions of Grendel on Europa

A gamer can specifically obtain the blueprints of grendels components on specific missions carried out in Europa. Before that, you would need to get locators from the arbitration Honors vendor.

Each Locator costs just 25 Vitrus Essence and is what you use to gain access to the specific mission linked to it.
The warframe missions that are connected to these locators are done in a squad, and only the squad’s host is required to possess a specific locator.


Even though all the individual squad members do not have locator, they would receive the same mission rewards at the end of the game.
With the Grendel Neuroptics Locator, a gamer can access Archaeo-freighter. The Archaeo-freighter is a 20- minute survival mission on Europa. And with the Grendel systems locator, the gamer can have access to the mine of Karishh. This simple Excavation mission has a hard target of 800 cryotic. The Grendel chassis locator also gives gamers access to the Icefields of Riddah which is a warframe defense mission that lasts for 15 waves.

The Main Abilities of Grendel and How a Gamer can optimize them

First Ability – Feast: The first ability of this important warframe is consuming enemies. Then after consumption, they are slowly digested in the belly of Grendel and can be vomited out by holding down the ability button. When enemies are vomited like this by Grendel in warframe, they are covered up in toxic bile.

Grendel swallows up enemy characters by opening the mouth and creating a vacuum that is used to such them in. It is important to know that this mechanic is affected by the Ability range, while the Armor is affected by the Ability strength.
Second Ability- Nourish: The Second Ability of Grendel is to leverage enemies that are consumed and provide different things such as buffs for his team. Here is some example of the Buffs: Toxic damage buffs, Armor and Energy. The ability range affects the radius of Grendel, while the Ability duration affects the duration.
Grendel’s Third Ability: Regurgitate: Grendels uses this passive ability to discharge enemies that were consumed in a projectile-like manner. This is one of Grendel’s strongest abilities, so it is recommended that you do not waste your energy on it. The regurgitation is affected by the Ability strength and Range.
Grendel’s Fourth Ability- pulverize: This is an ability that allows Grendel to curl up into a violent cannonball. Then afterward, the character would go about knocking down enemies in its path. This is a very interesting ability that gamers can exploit when using Grendel in warframe. But the truth is, controlling the cannonball is not the easiest of things.
When Grendel is moving about, he deals damage to enemies that are around him and interestingly, can slam down to deal additional damage. As he does this, he loses energy. A gamer can optimize this energy loss by improving the ability efficiency and Ability duration.

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The Playstyle and Passive Ability of the Grendel Warframe

Did you know that a lot of gamers consider Grendel to be reminiscent of Guzzlord and Snorlax from the Pokemon world?
This slow tanky warframe as stated earlier has the gimmicky ability to consume entire enemies and store them within himself for a while. Whenever you use the Grendel character to play, two major things are involved;  rolling like a cannonball to knock off enemies and consuming enemies while maintaining the energy that is needed to keep this ability.
How to get Grendel In Warframe
It is important to note that the passive ability of Grendel is what allows him to digest enemies that he has eaten.
When the enemies are digesting in Grendels belly, he would gain a +50 Armor, which would be totaled unaffected by mods. A gamer can see the total bonus Armor on the HUD display next to the shield and health bars.

The Best Mods and Build For Grendel in Warframe

From the four Grendel abilities elucidated earlier, we can come to the assertion that the benefits we enjoy from Grendel come from the Ability duration, range, strength, and efficiency. The Following is a simple build to use for Grendel in warframe:

  • Umbral vitality – for getting extra health
  • Steel Charge – for the melee damage buff
  • Umbral fibre for getting extra Armor for Grendel
  • Primed Flow – for managing multiple Grendel abilities at once
  • Umbral Intensify – for better Pulverizing damage and beast consumption
  • Adaptation – for being extra tanky
  • Primed continuity – to make the pulverize last longer
  • Hunter Adrenaline – to be able to regenerate health, since Grendel would always be close to enemies.

This is a very strong and balanced build that can help Grendel in the course of your gaming adventures. Whenever he is close to enemies, he can consume them, optimize the use of energy and survive longer.


I strongly believe that with the aid of this Grendel guide, that you would be able to understand the abilities of Grendel and build better.


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