How to Make Money Playing Video Games | 7 Useful Tips to Get Started

Playing video games can be a relaxing, exciting, funny, and very social activity. It’s not a wonder that many young adults are playing video games to pass the time, connect with their friends, or because they are genuinely excited for the new release. However, many gamers managed to monetize this hobby, and actually make a substantial amount of money, simply by doing what they like the most. So, let’s see some of the main ways you can make money by playing video games.


1. Make Money with Twitch Ads

The whole streaming thing started with the launch of Twitch, and back at that time, it was a website exclusively for gamers. Today, it has a more diverse and massive user base, but it also offers more options for generating revenue. You can get donations, do affiliate marketing, promote other companies, etc. You can even stream gambling content while playing on any free spins no deposit UK website. This way you can get more viewers who are into this same type of content, you can use ads to make money, without relying on donations, and if there are no wagering requirements you can get all the cash you won on slots. You can play on all of these no deposit casino platforms so streaming won’t cost you a thing.

2. Making Tutorials

You can use platforms like YouTube to make tutorials or other types of videos that are popular in the gaming community. That being said, the revenue from views and ads has become somewhat underwhelming over the years. Therefore you will likely have to set up Patreon or other accounts for donations and use different techniques to monetize the potential of your fan base. Many influencers earn simply by promoting or reviewing new releases.

3. Game Journalism

Those who are good at writing turn to game journalism. That being said, this sounds a lot better than it actually is. You need to get early access to certain titles, play them as fast as you can, and then write a review. Often you can’t even give your honest opinion, because if you are too critical the studio might not give you early access for their next project.

4. Podcasts About Gaming

How to Make Money Playing Video Games



Podcasts have become huge over the past decade, and it is the type of content that is easy to consume, and that isn’t too expensive to make. People talk about game studios, their favorite experiences while playing on different consoles as they were growing up, or discuss the latest news. There are also tons of podcasts on how to make money playing online casino games, or what strategies to use.

5. Boosting Account and Selling Game Resources

A lot of gamers don’t like this, but hey, some people need to make a living. If you wish to grind and sell the fruits of your labor you can do this. You can boost LOL accounts, or farm gold in World of Warcraft, or anything similar.

6. Make Money With Online Games

You can even make money simply by playing certain games. Right now there is a big hype surrounding blockchain technology, and there are online games you can play to generate NFTs and/or cryptos. These are a massive hit in the crypto community and there are more releases coming up in the following years. There are also casino online games that can come with free spins as we mentioned before. So, if you don’t mind making accounts to claim bonuses you can try any new no deposit bonus in Canada that once again doesn’t require any investment on your end. You simply burn through those promotions and if you end up winning that’s great. There are so many sites out there you can do this for days, the only difference might be in wagering requirements.

7. Go Pro

Our final tip on How to Make Money Playing Video Games is going Pro. Those who are exceptionally good at certain games become pro eSports players. This takes a lot of time and devotion, but it is a full-time job that pays really well. So, if you decide to go all-in and devote your life to a certain game, then this is the best option.


These were some of the main ways you can make money gaming. Each of them has a lot of pros and cons, and most people use a combination of approaches to make more meaningful revenue. Basically, there are lots of career options within this industry, and some of the wealthiest content creators started out with gaming content. So, a lot of people are inspired to pursue gamming-related careers.


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