Resident Evil 2: Chief’s Office, Hearts Key Location

The Resident Evil 2 game is a game that is filled with a lot of puzzles and locked doors. Interestingly, it is also filled with keys and key-like things that can be used to unlock these doors. One particular key that fascinates us, is the Heart Key, and its interesting location – the Chief’s office. In the course of this article, we would be looking at the Location of the Heart key in Resident Evil 2 and how a player can get it.


What’s all the fuss about the Chief’s Office in Resident Evil 2?

In the resident evil 2 game, the Chief’s office is a Claire-only location in resident evil 2. What this means is that if you are using another game character, there is no way in heaven you are going to visit it. It is in the Chief’s office that you can use the “Claire” game character to find the Heart key location.

This is yet another in-game item that can only be used by Claire. The gameplay here involves Claire getting everything that the player needs to get to the clock tower and finish up the “Power parts” in-game puzzle.

How to get to Chief’s office in Resident Evil 2

As stated earlier, the Chiefs’ office is only accessible to the Claire game character.

  • So in a bid to reach it, you would need to go to the Morgue to obtain first the Diamond Key, and then return to the Elevator Controls Room. Turn off the switch and ride to the lift up.
  • The corridor is linear and is the way into The Chief’s Office, which acts as a secure room that has a typewriter and an Item Box. It is important to note that there are two files that can be found in this room. And the two of them are; the Copy of Emails to Chief Irons on the desk and the Taxidermy Log on the central table.
  • The exit is secured with The Heart Key, so it is important that you use your game character claire to find it first.

How to Find the Heart Key location in Resident Evil 2


Here, you would need to use the game character known as claire to go south from the Chief’s Office. And, then follow the corridor that runs to the Private Collection Room.

  • The player would now need to investigate the repair shop letter file to the south. Upon investigating, you would learn that you need two power panel parts; on in the 3F storage room and the other one in the clock tower. This is going to be the main goal that you would execute with claire; to get your Parking Key Card-which is secured in your Power Panel.
  • In a bid to unlock the Heart Key, collect the Relief at the far end at the end of the hall.
  • Find it within your in-game inventory and turn it in by pressing the button that prompts you. This will now move your Heart Key into your inventory.
  • Then return to your Chief’s Office and use the key to exit. It’s time to take on the power Panel fragments.

Where the player can go after they receive the Heart Key from Chief’s Office

If you exit at the Chief’s Office, you’ll find your game character in the stairwell to the northwest of the Police Station 2F. The southwest direction isn’t possible since you’ll need an access point to Square Crank, which only Leon has access to. Go ahead and shoot this Mr. Raccoon collectable just by this set of stairs.

While it’s not mandatory, head south to find an item called the bejewelled box Otherwise, head towards Police Station 3F. Then, enter through the right entrance into the East Storage Room. The room is a maze that houses some zombies as well as various consumables as well as an area known as the Large Gear area.

While playing the game as claire, you need to take a walk south to the Heart Key door, where there is a small cabinet that houses one of the Electronic Part. Go up the ladder and you’ll see an unresponsive lever close to the wreckage of the helicopter that isn’t working. It is necessary to relocate the water supply to accomplish this task.

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