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How to Server Hop Fallout 76 in 2024 – Fallout 76 Server Hopping Guide

Here is a simple tutorial on How to Server Hop Fallout 76. In the gaming world, server hopping can be defined as the act of leaving a particular server to switch to another. The end game of Fallout involves server hopping so as to get crafting plans or schematics. High-level items are gotten from the schematics which is advantageous when facing special enemies.


About Fallout 76 Server Hopping

About Fallout 76 Server Hopping
The process of server hopping is a very random thing but players indulge in it. So that they can get an edge in the game. With server hoping, gamers are plonked into a random game anytime they log in to fallout 76.

Whenever you log into the fallout 76 multiplayer games, it would find a game world for you to inhabit. The character of the player spawns in that particular game world, which would contain various things that may not have been happening if you were taken to another game world.

For instance, there are some high-level items that are usually sold by fallout 76’s robot vendors. If you don’t have a particular thing, you can server hop and try another time until you get it.

Why do players Server Hop and what do they gain from it?

Using this particular example; public events, which is one of the systems at play in the game. If there is a trigger in some areas, there is no guarantee that it would be available while you are playing.

Most of the public events in Fallout 76 reward players endgame schematics players. So, if you spawn into a game world in Fallout 76, and the public event is not live, you simply server hop and try again.

Also, players use Fallout 76 server hopping to beat high-level enemies and also repeatedly farm experience points.
Truth is, server hopping is something that a lot of fallout 76 players that have reached the end game are currently doing. They do it mostly to speed up the rate of item farming. It is all about server hoping your way to farm mobs.

In the fallout 76 game, one of the best ways to get the popular handmade rifle is to server hop. The plans for the rifle can be sold from some vendors that are on the map.

A player of fallout 76 can choose to farm these plans with the aid of server hoping. Also speaking of exploiting server hoping, a player can server hop to farm public events at the eastern regional penitentiary. To me server hoping seems to be a fail-safe. Whenever a player runs to the door and then an event fails to trigger, they would just server hop to start again. It just also like rinsing and repeating till the plans are gotten right.

Here Are Practical Steps to Server Hop Fallout 76

Step 1: Pause The Game

Navigate to where you have the Pause button in fallout 76 game – then hit ‘pause’.

Step 2: Head to Social Menu

Now, the second move is proceeding to the social menu.


Step 3: Click Username

Then go on and click on the username that is at the top right.

Step 4: Leave Game World

Now, Click on leave game world.

Step 5: Jump Into New World

When you come back into the main menu, jump into a new world…and that’s all you need to Server Hop Fallout 76.
That is what it is, you only need to be patient with some load screens and you would be in a new game world.

How to Switch Servers on Fallout 76

To change servers, go to Quit, then to Main Menu, then start playing again. The idea is to get to “exiting world” (the notification on the right-hand side when you “logout”) and then “log back in”. That will randomly assign you to a server that you probably weren’t on before.
How to Server Hop Fallout 76
Fallout 76 server switching might seem to be a game cheat in most video games, but it is surely the quickest way to achieve any of the above-mentioned goals.

Other Interesting facts about the Fallout 76 game

The Mothman

In the fallout 76 game, there are creatures that are popularly called cryptids. They are mythical creatures whose existence is based on real-life folklore.

Amongst some of these creatures is the Mothman. A Mothman can also be called a very big-sized Man-moth.

Gamers usually meet different variations of this particular creature. The best way to confront the Mothman in fallout 76 is to complete the event at the land view light-house.

After squashing some fireflies and lighting the beacon you would be visited by the Mothman. At the end of the visit of the Mothman, you would get a 5% experience bonus.

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Confession Time

One other about the Fallout 76 game is the confession time gaming feature.  This occurs when the player goes across the river in the Flatwoods. They would come through a particular small camp that is set by land that is sitting close to a burnt-out fire. You would find out that there are tiny bits of loots that are scattered around the camp. Most of the important items in the loot include; chems, a first aid box, and water.

After looting the lady that is sitting by the campfire, a holotape would be revealed. This holotape if listened to would bum you out a little bit. In the holotape, she tells a story that weaves a tale of chem. Addiction and love gone wrong.


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