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How to Start Bunker Buster Fallout 76 in 2024 | Bunker Buster Fallout 76

Here we go with the fallout 76 bunker buster. Despite the majority of the controversies surrounding Bethesda’s  Fallout mashup, there are so many enthusiastic survivors that blaze is through west Virginia in fine fashion.  in so doing they uncover what secret the bombs have buried beneath the rubble. Fallout 76 places to light a larger map than Fallout 4.


It should however not surprise everyone that they are in ample supply. What the bombs can either be a nook or cranny that has a lot of loot tucked away or the thread of a plot that has been kept away.

In the course of this article, we would be looking at a practical guide on how to start bunker Buster in fallout 76.

What is Bunker Buster in Fallout 76?

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Bunker buster can be defined as the major quest that is played in the Fallout 76 game. When a gamer completes this quest, the character of the gamer would be allowed to learn about the enclave and also gain access to the white spring bunker.

This is How to start Bunker Buster in Fallout 76 in 8 Steps

To start Bunker Buster in Fallout 76, then follow the steps below. The moment the player is inside the cave, there would be a screen that is loading. Onwards the players would need to find a corpse so as to kickstart the fallout 76 bunker buster mission.

Step 1: The first thing that the player would see is a set of barrels. The character would need to walk right past them.

Step 2: Once the cave is open, the player would now see different routes that can be followed.

Step 3: The location that the player is looking for is on the left side. This implies that you would need to turn left and move in that direction. The player does not need to hug the wall, as this would make the character climb some rocks in an awkward manner.

Step 4: While going in the left direction, the player would see a nest that is glowing green.

Step 5: You would move on to investigate the nest and select the Bypass Holotape. It is important to note that on the other side of the nest, you would find a gap within the rocks.

Step 6: You would need to squeeze through the gap, so that you would find a corpse of an agent. The corpse has an operation summary that you would need to pick up. Select it, and the Bunker Buster mission would start.


Step 7: The next step would be to go on ahead to complete the set out objectives. Some of which include; bypassing the laser grid, and finding the Blackwell access code.

Step 8: There would be a Holotape to listen to, after listening to it, the bunker buster mission in Fallout 76 would come to an end. The Holotape that you would be listening to belongs to the corpse of Agent Grey that you found early on.

Interesting Facts about the Fallout 76

Facts about the Fallout 76

Getting a Head start

With a short walk north from the entrance to vault 76, you would meet with a survivalist that is packed with supplies that would be needful for any vault resident. How convenient is that?
In the midst of the loot that you can binge on, is a pile of non-perishable water, food, and a firearm the has some ammunition on it.

Halloween Party Animals

You would discover the north mountain lookout tower that is towards the far northern side of the salvage divide. If you follow that direction, you would get to a pile of furniture that is lying on the bottom.

When you arrive at the top, it would seem as if though someone has a wild Halloween party, with some booze decorations.
With the faxes placed all over the table, you would be well aware that the rangers guarding the tower had a wild Halloween party. You would also find out that they stole Halloween decorations, threw furniture from the top, and also lost their jobs in the process.

The Mothman

Did you know that the Fallout 76 game is pretty big on Cryptids? Cryptids in the game are known as mythical creatures that are based on real-life folklore. The most interesting of them as deployed in the game is the Mothman. The Mothman is a fleshed-out and gigantic man-sized moth. There are several variations of this creature that you would find online.

The best way to get easy access to this creature is to complete the event at land view lighthouse.

In the game, when you squash some fireless and light up the beacon, the Wise Mothman would visit you. This cryptid is a very friendly one and gifts player with a 5% experience bonus.

Confession Time

Just across the river, you would discover that there is a small camp that is set up with a lady sitting near a burnt-out fire. Around her are some loots like; water, chems, and a first aid kit.

If you loot the woman, a holotape would be revealed. If you go ahead to listen to the tape, you would feel pretty sad.


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