How to Preload Fallout 76

How to Preload Fallout 76 on PS4, PC and When to Preload

The game development group known as Bethesda group revealed that you can Preload Fallout 76 Beta. A lot of gamers though have been worried sick about the file size of the game. In the course of this article, we would be looking at a practical guide on how you can preload Fallout 76.


When Can you Preload Fallout 76 Beta?

Preloading the Fallout 76 Beta would start from 7 pm Eastern Time on the 19th of October. Bethesda previously made a statement that the game would not have a preload, but its 2018 statement on Twitter refuted those claims. Also, the developers said that ps4 or pc gamers can be able to pre-install the game.

Practical Guide on How To Preload Fallout 76

To be able to preload the Fallout 76, you need to have the pre-ordered game before trying to preload. The truth is there is no other way to go about it. From there on you will be you will do the Xbox One games store, where you will perform the search for Fallout 76 beta. Next up, you will go to the store page for the game and download the file.  the moment the Fallout 76 beta starts you will be able to play the game.
as for PS4 players, the process is very much similar. As stated before first pre-order the game, then when the preload of the Fallout 76 is available, you would search for it and download it.
coming to PC users, the process is entirely different.  on your PC you will need to first download the Bethesda launcher. It is important to note that the launcher is a free program, so you don’t need to worry about any costs. on your PC,  you would need to pre-order the game from the launcher to be able to access the fallout 76 Beta.

Interesting Facts About the Fallout 76 Game

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Halloween party animals

In this game, you will find the North mountain lookout tower on the northern end of the Savage divide. One interesting thing that you will notice as you approach is the pile of furniture that is lying at the bottom.
When you reach the top it looks like someone had a wild Halloween party. There are lots of decorations including a nifty skeleton costume. Also worth noting, is there a few faxes scattered across the table that informs Rangers who guard the tower.

The Mothman


The Fallout 76 video game is laden with cryptids also known as mythical creatures that are based on real-life folklore. Among these most interesting creatures is the Mothman, which is a very big man-sized moth. In the Fallout 76 game, you would meet different variations of this guy. All the same, the best way to see him is to complete the event at land view Lighthouse.
After you must have squashed some fireflies and lit the beacon, you will be treated to a visit from a Mothman.  This visit is friendly, and at the end of the visit, you would receive a 5% experience bonus.

Confession Time

Another interesting fact about the Fallout 76 game is the confession time.  you would notice that if you go across the river in Flatwoods,  you will come across a small camp that is set up with a Lady who is sitting near a long burnt-out fire. You will also notice that there are little bits of Loot scattered around. Some of these loots include a first aid box, water, and Chems.
When you loot the woman a holotape will be revealed. Also listening to her story will bum you out a bit. She tells a sad story that weaves a tale of chem addiction and love gone wrong.
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Responder On Ice

In the Flatwoods, the game needs to take at least a minute to go around and open all of the refrigerator doors that are on the ground level. The player will find out that there is a particularly unfortunate responder.  When you dig through his belongings to find a holotape you will see recordings of his final desperate moments.  These recordings will reveal the location of his life savings.

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Well? Go on, it’s not like he’ll be needing them any longer.

According to the exact instructions which he provides, you will find a lockbox that is launched into a particular tree stump. What you will see there in the lockbox are some caps, ammunition, and a new gun.

Dapper Radroach

When you sit near the crossroads that are between the Kanawha Nika-cola plant, you would find a small house that is unmarked. Inside the house, there are so many weird things that you would find. The main thing that you will discover, is a well-dressed radroach that is seating on the porcelain throne.
He also has a nice heart and a stylish walking cane. Not forgetting, there is an expensive wedding band too.


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