Hardened Clay in Minecraft

How To Make Hardened Clay in Minecraft

In the Minecraft game, Hardened clay can be referred to as a  hard block that is used for decoration in Minecraft. With close observation, you would discover that it has a similar texture as stone, but this time, it appears to be brownish. You can obtain hardened clay in Minecraft by smelting clay blocks in Minecraft.


You can find hardened clay at the Mesa Biomes

In the course of this article, we would be looking at a definite guide on how to make hardened clay in Minecraft. You would notice that we would be using terracotta and hardened clay interchangeably. The reason for this is that they mean the same thing. Without further mouthing, let me delve in.

What does the color of Hardened clay look like?

The default color of hardened clay is brownish-red. But there are lots of variations that extend to colors like grey or green.
color of Hardened clay

Here is How to make Hardened clay in Minecraft

One of the major building blocks of the Minecraft game is Hardened clay, let us look at a practical guide on how to make clay that is hardened. This guide would show you how you can make hardened clay in a furnace.

Step 1: Open the Furnace Menu in Minecraft

First off, open the furnace menu so that you would see options for adding fuel, adding other items, and also moving inventory.

Step 2: Add Fuel to the Furnace

The next step after opening the furnace menu is to add fuel to the bottom box in the furnace. In this option, you can use coal as your fuel in Minecraft. You need to know the best items to be used as fuel, how long it would take to burn, and how many items the fuel can cook in the furnace.

Step 3: Add Items that are needed for making Hardened Clay

The next step involves placing a block of clay in the top box in the Minecraft furnace. After doing this, you would see flames that would cook the block of clay. When you are done cooking the block of clay, you would see the hardened clay appear in the box to the right.

Step 4: Move the Hardened Clay to the Inventory


Congratulations as you have finished creating hardened clay in Minecraft. The next step would be to move the Hardened clay to your inventory.
And that’s How to craft Hardened Clay in Minecraft successfully.

The Supported Platforms for Making Hardened clay in Minecraft

how to make Hardened Clay in Minecraft
A gamer can get hardened clay in the below-listed platforms.

  • Pocket Editon
  • Java Edition
  • Xbox one
  • Xbox 360
  • Windows 7 Edition
  • Play station 3
  • Play station 4
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Wii U
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 8 Edition
  • Education Edition

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5 best uses for Terracotta in Minecraft

1 – Minecraft’s music

If Minecraft gamers are interested in using Redstone to make music in the game, they can use already made Terracotta. Hardened clay can be used to make deep bassy sounds that are found in musical pieces.
Did you know that hardened clay can be placed under a music block to make richer and deeper sounds? This would give the note block a feel and sound of a bass drum. Imagine being able to use hardened clay to spice up your musical number in Minecraft.

2 – Creeper and Ghast fights

If a Minecraft gamer is looking for some drops from explosive mobs, they might want to carry some hardened clay with them to battle. In addition to being an agent of the explosion, did you know that Hardened clay is blast resistant?
If gamers have two blocks of terracotta in front of them with a creeper explodes, the terracotta would be destroyed. But in this scenario, the player would not be harmed.
This blocking method can be very resourceful in games since players don’t need to go underground to get the Hardened clay.

3 – TradingTrading Villager

Did you know that players can be leveled up to create better deals for gamers? This gives room for players to get items that are rare in the easiest way possible.
When a villager in Minecraft is an expert-level stonemason, they can offer a gamer one emerald for 16 Hardened clay. This clay is a very easy resource to obtain in Minecraft. That is why it is used to trade to obtain other important items like emeralds.

4 – Extra protection and color on builds

If a player in Minecraft is looking for a warm climate build, the best approach is to use Terracotta. With this hardened clay, you are sure to enjoy protection from mobs at night.
Gamers that know how to stylize their build in the best way possible with terracotta can make an expert-level build.

5 – Beautiful glazed blocks

Terracotta can also be utilized by gamers to also make decorations. Minecraft gamers can produce beautifully glazed terracotta by making use of different fuels and different dyes. There are lots of variants of glazed hardened clay blocks that can be made in the game.


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