Lathe AC Valhalla Location – Where to find the lathe AC Valhalla

Here is our guide on finding the Lathe AC Valhalla Location. The lathe AC Valhalla is one of the members of the order of the ancients that you need to find and kill in the game. In the game, he is also referred to as Mucel in the Valhalla game.
As is with other members of the ancients, the gamer would find 3 clues that they can use to get an exact location of the lathe. All the same, getting all the clues for the game can be quite frustrating.
To get a clue in the game, the player would need to play the dice game with a woman in other to get a second clue. One annoying thing about the game is that a dice game is that it requires luck.
In the course of this article, we would discuss how to take down the lathe with and without all the clues that are required.


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to Find & Kill The Lathe Without any clues

A player can find and kill the Lathe in AC Valhalla at the Buckingham region which is located towards the northern side of the river that parts Oxenefordscire. The player would usually find him at the docks that are towards the southern part of the town. If you can find the player here,  it is possible to kill him before finding any in-game clues.
To play a game without clues, the player would need to find below the locations to get the 3 clues to get to the lathe in the assassins creed Valhalla.

The clue Locations of the Lathe Order of Ancients Member


the Lathe AC Valhalla Location
As gamers are fighting their way through the Viking world of the assassins creed Valhalla, there would be lots of locations and missions that would need the player to follow clues. Most of these would lead powerful armor and weapons. One of these targets is the lathe, who is a member of a powerful group that eivor needs to take down in the assassins creed Valhalla game.
For those gamers who don’t know, the lathe is a member of a secret order of the ancients. They are a group that would come after eivor if they are not taken out first. They have hidden identities that would be revealed mostly in the end of a trail of clues. The investigation of a lathe in the game is not hard to follow, but there is a power level of 90 that would help the player not to struggle too much.

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The player would get the first clue of the lathe by killing a zealot member in Horza. It is the Zealot member that would then drop the clue that would lead the gamer to the next location. If the player follows the small dice icon, he would find the next location.
The next clue in the game would lead the player to a sealed chamber that is in Eatun Barn located in oxenefordscire. Then the player would then find an opening that leads to a sealed cave that is at this location. The opening in the game would be marked with a big X. you can use a nearby oil jar to destroy the rocks and then enter the cave.
The moment the player is inside, you can then use odins vision to ping out all the loot all together with the key. Then the next thing would be to head straight until you see a movable boulder blocking the way of your game character. After moving the boulder, the player would see an opening to a chamber that holds the third clue to get the lathe (Mucel).

Kill the Lathe

With the last clue, the player would now be able to find the location of the lathe. Which is located in Buckingham close the place where your game character played dice. All you need to do is to go to the location and kill the lathe to eliminate him from the order of the ancients. Mucel is an in-game character that is located in Buckingham. The player should have no troubles sneaking on to him and stabbing him in the back to eliminate this problematic member of the ancient order.
Other than mucel, there are other members that need taking down and also more clues for the player to uncover. The order of the ancients is the only one of the several factions that a player can investigate and assassinate.
This is everything that a player needs to know about how to find lathe and other high members of the ancient order. For instance two other interesting members of the order of the ancients are Billhook and Anvil.


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