Play 2 Players on GTA 5

How to Play 2 Players on GTA 5 | Multiplayer Option

One of the best multiplayer games around is Grand Theft auto.  This legendary video game feels like it has been around forever. After its launch about 8 years ago, it has spanned a third console generation. There are lots of hacks that can be done in the GTA online multiplayer world. In the course of this article, we would be reviewing whether or not, it is possible to play 2 player in grand theft auto. We would also look at some playing guides and interesting facts.


Can You Play 2 Players on GTA 5?

Truth is, the GTA5 does not have offline multiplayer functionality, it only has one that is online. According to the game design, it is not possible to play two players in GTA 5. If you were to give off a sarcastic answer, you would need two screens and 2 gaming consoles.

Best Tips for Being Successful at Playing GTA 5 online

Even though the GTA game has been around since 2013, there are always newbies heading into Rockstar’s world.
How to Play 2 Players on GTA 5
If you are an absolute beginner, this guide would help you at succeeding in playing the GTA online game. Truth is, it can be very difficult to head into the GTA online game as a new player. But with the right guidance, you can catch up quickly.

Over the years, the game has undergone a lot of expansions and updates. These changes bring more flair to the game as there are now a wide variety of choices to make as to how to run your own criminal enterprise.

For the sake of new GTA gamers, here are some useful tips on how to get started on the right foot.

1. Follow the GTA online Tutorial

For a start, you need to complete the GTA online tutorial section. This section is usually available after you have completed the prologue of the main single-player game. To access this section, you need to hold down the d-pad to bring up the character selection wheel, then select the bottom segment. It is the bottom segment of the game that represents your Grand theft auto online character.

2. Buy a Good Car and a Decent garage

Another pro tip for beginner players in Grand theft auto is to get a good car and a garage. If you want to get an Elegy RH8, you just need to register for the Rockstars social club, which closely resembles the Nissan GTR. Due to the cool traction of the car, it is a cool choice for racing in the game. When you invest in Theft/loss prevention, it would help you to ward off other users from taking away your cool new car.


Also, it is important that you get a garage for yourself in the game. With a garage, you can keep your car safe in the GTA online game. One of the best garages that a beginner can opt for is the Unit 124 garage.

3. Keep cashing in at ATMs

In the GTA game, Los Santos is a very dangerous place. Any cash that you are carrying about in the game can be lost. Try not to lose all your money gotten from your last job. Simply get to an ATM in the game and cash in your money.

In the online GTA, there are lots of ATM machines in Blaine county. With the quick GPS interaction menu, you can be directed to the nearest one to you.

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4. Save up, then buy an underground facility

If you want to be part of the popular GTA’s online Doomsday Heist, you would need to get a big boat or an underground facility. To play the bonker robbery, you would need to have one huge underground facility, as this is part of the requirements.

The cheapest underground facility can be found at Paleto Bay. This underground facility offers the gamer a security room, a lounge, and sleeping quarters.

5. Steal a chopper

Did you know that Blaine county is a large estate in the game? This means that with a chopper, you can be able to save some game time. One of the cheapest choppers to opt for is the $780,000 Buckingham Maverick. If you don’t want to buy a chopper, you can choose to steal one. You can steal a chopper at Los Santos International Airport near the flight school in GTA. If you can drive skillfully, you can go through the nearby fence and have the chopper for yourself.

6. Purchase a high-end apartment

Before you set out to enjoy the best Heists of GTA online, you would need to reach level 12. There are apartments that have fancy planning boards that can be used to organize heists in the game.
Also if you want to plan multi-part jobs in GTA, you would need to get a high-end apartment for yourself.

Did you know that the cheapest flats in the game can be found in Del Perro Heights? It can be acquired for just $200,000.


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