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How To Get Weapons in Disgaea RPG

If you have played any of the past Disgaea games, you would be familiar with the concept of the item world. Just like other Disgaea games, Disgaea RPG has an item world that allows gamers to go and get weapons, armor, and other fun in-game mechanics. With what you find in the item world, a player can upgrade their character in order to enjoy successful gaming in Disgaea RPG.


In the course of this article, we will be looking at a practical guide on how to get weapons in the Disgaea RPG game.

Guide On How To Get Weapons In Disgaea RPG

Weapons In Disgaea RPG

To be able to get weapons, the gamer would need to go to the item world. In the item world, the gamer can purchase items that are suitable for the game characters. First off, grab a rank, maybe 20, then go to the item world. In the item world, the player would be taken to floor 10. On floor 10, they would need to turn the auto and advance off.

In the final wave, the player should focus on fighting the boss. The boss is always in the middle of the front lane of floor 10. It is important for the Disgaea gamer to not focus on fighting everyone but focus on the boss. The game would not be able to reset if you kill everyone in one shoot.


The resetting can be done if you don’t get the weapon of your choice. You can reset and fight the boss again. Normally, after beating the boss, a weapon or armor would drop. After beating the boss, you have to keep resetting till the weapon of your choice is dropped.

When you finally get the weapon of your choice, it is usually one rank higher than what you have. For instance, if your rank is 20, your weapon would be ranked 21. Every weapon in the item shop has a rank and a rarity, alongside other in-game stats attached to it.

The Rarity And Ranks Of Weapons In Disgaea RPG

It is important to note that in the Disgaea games, weapons have a rank, and it should not be confused with the rarity of the item. The rarity of a weapon is the stat that is available for the gamer to see and varies from 0 to 100. When the figure is higher, it means that the weapon is rarer.

When you have a weapon of the same rarity, it will give an additional bonus to the item. Going into the item world in Disgaea RPG and maxing out the weapon can lead to it getting more rare and rare.

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The rank of the weapon, however, refers to the actual weapon itself, and the rank number is not actually visible on the weapon itself. If a gamer wishes to upgrade their weapon, they need to keep going deeper into the item world. This way, the weapons can be leveled by traveling to floor 9999 in Disgaea RPG, instead of being limited to 100 floors.


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