Disgaea RPG Tier List

Disgaea RPG Tier List for 2024 – Top Characters Ranked

One of the best mobile games that are available in the market is Disgaea RPG. This interesting game was developed by Boltrend Games. Since its release, it has had a huge following, this is largely due to the cool game characters and in-game mechanics. In the course of this article, we will be looking at the complete Disgaea RPG tier list.


Complete Guide To Disgaea RPG Tier List

There are tiers which the game characters can be grouped under. They are the S tier, the A-Tier, the C tier and the D tier. Let us delve into the game characters and which tier they fall into in the Disgaea RPG game.

Disgaea Game Characters That Are In the S Tier

Disgaea Game Characters in S Tier

The S tier of Disgaea RPG game is home to the strongest game characters. If you want to go into a battle with an opponent, they are your go-to Disgaea RPG game characters.

  1. Attired Killia
  2. Dark Santa Usalia
  3. Meliodas
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Merlin
  6. Pure Sicily
  7. Tyrant Overlord Killidia
  8. Awakened Rozalin
  9. Tyrant Valvatorez
  10. Attired Rozalin

Disgaea Game Characters That Belong To The A Tier

The Disgaea Tier List consists of characters that win with a good win percentage but are not as strong as the S Tier. If a Disgaea gamer is looking forward to enjoying a strong party of good characters, then you want to use these A Tier characters to level up. Here is the list of game characters that are in the A Tier;

  1. Yukata Yukimaru
  2. Champloo
  3. Desco
  4. Asagi
  5. Attired Seraphina
  6. Valvatorez
  7. Sapphire
  8. Diane
  9. Laharl
  10. Gym Shorts Fuka
  11. Girl Laharl
  12. King
  13. Dark Artina
  14. Devil Girl Elizabeth
  15. Ban
  16. Santa Rozalin
  17. Majolene

Disgaea RPG Game Characters In B Tier List


The B Tier of Disgaea game characters consists of decent performers that are slightly lesser in value compared to the A Tier list. The Disgaea game characters in this tier list have the ability to use basic skills and abilities properly, however, the only downside is that they do not have a lot of tricks up their sleeves.

Here is a list of Disgaea RPG game characters in Tier B;

  1. Almaz
  2. Fenrich
  3. Majorita
  4. Mao
  5. Fuka
  6. Christo
  7. Emizel
  8. Zed
  9. Christo
  10. Yukata Valvatorez
  11. Gowther
  12. Salvatore
  13. Dark Santa Laharl
  14. Sicily
  15. Sister Artina
  16. Majin Etna
  17. Usalia
  18. Mid Boss

Game Characters Of Disgaea RPG That Belong To Tier C

This Tier list features the weakest characters in the game. It is important to note that these Disgaea characters do not have any special skill or ability. Here is the list of game characters in this list;

  1. Red Magnus
  2. Yukimaru
  3. Rozalin
  4. Artina
  5. Bloodis
  6. Raspberyl
  7. Rainier
  8. Easter Mao
  9. Santa Usalia
  10. Bunny Seraphina
  11. Adell
  12. Killia
  13. Zeroken
  14. Gordon
  15. Jennifer
  16. Flonne(Fallen Angel)
  17. Virunga
  18. Pure Flone
  19. Noel
  20. Xenolith
  21. Barbara
  22. Axel
  23. Swimsuit Etna
  24. Etna
  25. Thursday
  26. Seraphina
  27. Hibana

Disgaea Game Characters That Belong To Tier D

This tier of Disgaea game characters consists of characters who don’t stand much of a chance against game characters that are in higher tiers. Here is a list of all the characters that you can find in tier D;

  1. Ayame
  2. Prinny
  3. Kurtis

What A Gamer Stands TO Gain By Using The Disgaea Tier List

There are some perks to using the tier list as a guide to choosing game characters in the Disgaea game. Here are some of the advantages of making use of the Disgaea RPG tier list;

  • The Tier list helps a gamer to effectively plan by assessing the strength of their game characters.
  • It also helps to guide the gamer on what type of enemy they should be conscious about facing.
  • The list also helps by detailing what type of monsters are better.

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