What does Minato's Kunai say

What does Minato’s Kunai say in English Naruto Anime

A lot of Naruto fans are puzzled about what Minato’s Kunai said in Japanese, and what it means. However, this is what this article is bent on unraveling.


What Is A Kunai And What Is It Used For?

Before we delve into the topic of the day, we need to know what a kunai is. In real life, it is a multipurpose gardening tool. In Naruto, it’s a common tool that was used by Shinobi. It has the form of a dagger, with bandages wrapped around it.

The main use of the kunai in Naruto was to allow Minato to use the Flying Thunder God move. With the aid of the kunai, Minato could teleport anywhere he wanted during combat. When he spreads out the Kunai, he will use it as a marker for where he wants to teleport.

A practical example in the anime is in his battle against Obito (Masked Man). In the battle, Minato throws his kunai at Obito, when the kunai is above the back of Obito, Minato then teleports and then hits Obito with his Rasengan.

What Was Written On The Kunai Of Minato?

First off, it is important to note Minato made use of a kunai that had three blades attached to it. On the three-bladed kunai of Minato was an inscription that allowed him to perform the Thunder God Technique. The translation of what was written on Minato’s kunai from Japanese to English is; “Sword of Shinobi’s Love”. This inscription on his kunai is very much related to his fighting technique.


It is important to note that the Japanese anime did not completely render the kanji characters, but we at Geniuz Media are able to decipher the meaning. The phrase we are talking about is “忍愛之剣”, which is written in kana, and read thus; “にんあいのけん 又は しのびあいのけん”. The meaning of this phrase is “sword of Shinobi’s Love”.

All you Need to Know About The Flying Thunder God Technique

This combat technique was created by the second Hokage and used by the second Hokage, who goes by Minato Namikaze. With this technique, they can instantly transport themselves to a location that they previously marked. If you pay attention to this movement, it looks like high-speed teleportation of long distances.

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However in reality it is an instantaneous space-time movement of teleportation.  For a user to be able to activate this technique of Minato, they will need to place a special seal or the technical formula, and then mark the desired destination they want to go to.

When this is done, the user enters a void that instantly transports them to the seal. It is important to note that the seal can be applied to almost any area through simple physical contact. Because this technique can affect anything that is in contact with the user, it can be used to transport people or objects.

The Flying Thunder God Technique is installed in the handle of the kunai with the aid of the Japanese inscription in it.


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