8 Best Animated Shows of 2024 | Must Watch Animated Shows

2023 has not been great for traditional cinema. Like all other businesses, cinemas also closed down. Releases were limited as Hollywood couldn’t make any new movies. This year has brought animated series and cartoons into a new light. As these movies could be made contact-free and from a distance, there was a great commotion in this genre.


Streaming websites like Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and Disney+ were the hub of animated show releases. As the pandemic forced everyone to stay at home, more people subscribed to TV plans than ever. Cartoons are not just for kids anymore as more and more adult themes make their way into anime and American shows.

Here are the top picks for animated shows from 2024:

1. What If

‘What If’ is a great animated series different from everything else Marvel has ever released. The main characters from the movies reprise their roles in this miniseries. It taps on some of the most significant moments in Marvel cinema’s history. The possibilities change as the scripts are different and the characters take on new roles. Everything is the same, but also totally different.

The idea to change certain situations from the Marvel timeline is also in tune with the multiverse. Writers developed on the same thing in the miniseries Loki. As the world waits for the next Spiderman movie, this is an excellent filler for Marvel fans.

2. Attack on Titans: The Final Season, Part One

Attack on Titans debuted in 2013, and the final season in 2021. A particular part of the population loves the show. It also receives some critique for being extremely violent and chaotic. The show has a running conflict between superheroes that can transform into huge humanoid forms and cause destruction.

The new series looks to be a great way to conclude the show. There are many new challenges and new characters involved. You will be shocked by the show, as alliances shape up and take new forms.

3. The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

Netflix originals have steadily improved over the years, and 2021 was no different. Netflix recently released an animated movie adapted from the famous game, The Witcher. The story is spellbinding, as the monster killer, Vesemir, gets in touch with his past. The journey through past and present is action-packed and full of adventures.


The series is a prologue to the story of Geralt, the main character in the video game. He fights with allies he never expected and realizes that there is good in him. He gets propelled into situations where he learns that coins and jewels are not the only things left to kill for.

4. Invincible

nvincible was an instant hit after releasing on Amazon Prime Video. It follows the life of a seemingly regular teenager Mark Grayson. The only catch is that his father is the most powerful superhero on the entire planet. As he turns seventeen, he starts experiencing changes in his body. He gets help from his father to understand the new superpowers he is experiencing.

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5. Raya and The Last Dragon

Disney’s Raya and The Last Dragon takes us on an unexpected journey and a quest like no other. Raya is a warrior that wants to change the world. She is wary of the divide in her society because of a perpetual imbalance in power. She sets off into the sunset to look for the last dragon with magical powers, Sisu.

The story will bring you joy, and sadness like all Disney classics do. The movie is a beautiful enactment of love, adventure, bravery, and empathy.

6.Tom and Jerry in New York

Who doesn’t love Tom and Jerry? The classic cat and mouse characters are favorites for over two generations of human beings. The characters get a chance to make us laugh one more time in this hilarious comedy. When Jerry moves into New York’s finest hotel, his presence threatens the biggest wedding of the century. There is only one person (or cat) that can stop him – Tom.

7. Monsters at Work

The TV series on Disney+ is part of the Disney Monsters Inc franchise. The 2021 release is a prequel to the previous movie. Mike and Sulley have to run Monster Inc and face difficulties and challenges. Meanwhile, graduates from Monsters University want to transform the company to work on laugh power. There are rumors of a second season as well.

8. Q-Force

Q-Force means queer force. As Hollywood makes movies on more diversified and inclusive topics, this is a significant step. The Q-Force is a team of queer superspies, ready to prove the world wrong about them. The entire team is LGBTQ+ making it the first animated series to have all queer protagonists. If you want to see something different, watch Q-Force on Netflix.


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