Titanic Challenge In Bitlife

How To Do Titanic Challenge In Bitlife

There are tons of challenges in the Bitlfie simulator game. However, one that is quite intriguing is the Titanic Challenge. This challenge is best suited for bitlife gamers that are fans of the Titanic movie. So with the aid of this Genuizmedia guide, here is how to do the titanic challenge in the bitlife simulator game.


Guide On How To Do The Titanic Challenge In Bitlife

First off, it is important for a bitlife gamer to be aware that in order to complete the titanic challenge, the following must be put in place;

  • Make use of a female character in bitlife that goes by the name “Rose”.
  • Learn how to swim in bitlife.
  • Cheat on your fiance in bitlife.
  • Become an art model that is nude.
  • Survive a shipwreck in bitlife.
  • Finally, throw away a diamond that is worth 5 carats or more.

Create A Character That Is Named Rose

For a bitlife gamer to be able to start this interesting challenge, they need to create a new character that goes by “Rose”.  It doesn’t matter what your “Rose” character looks like, your character just has to be named “Rose”.

Learn How To Swim In Bitlife

The next stage is to learn how to swim, and in order to achieve this, the gamer needs to age their character to pre-teen years. One of the easiest ways to learn how to swim is for the bitlife character to try out the middle school swim club. To do this, simply go to the “activities tab” that is under the middle school and select the option to join the swimming team.

If the bitlife character does not make it on the first attempt, then take the character to the gym to improve its athleticism. Then come back to the swim club and try again.  When the bitlife player uses their “Rose” character to join the swimming team, the character would automatically know how to swim.

Use “Rose” Bitlife Character To Cheat On Your Fiance

The next task in the Titanic challenge involves cheating on your fiance. This entails that the “Rose” character would need to get into a relationship with another bitlife character and ask for their hand in marriage.


Before your character and the other character marry, you have to look for another bitlife player and date with the character: thus cheating on your character’s fiance. There is not much fuss to this task, as it can be found in bitlife under the “Love” tab in “Activities”.

Use “Your Rose” Bitlife Character To Become A Nude Art Model

The next thing that needs checking off on the list is becoming a nude art model with your “Rose” character in bitlife. However, your “Rose” character has to be an adult before this would ever happen. When your character is an adult, head to the “occupations” tab and choose the “nude model” under the “careers” option. This task is not hard to complete as there are no requirements.

 Survive A Shipwreck

The gamer would need to save some in-game money. This is because the only way to survive a shipwreck in bitlife is to own a boat. This requires the gamer to get the boating license. It is important to note that the boating license in bitlife can be obtained in the “licenses” tab. The next stage would be to drive the boat around until you get a shipwreck. This can be accomplished with the aid of the “Ride” option that is under the “boats ” tab.

Finally, Throw Away An Expensive Diamond

To be able to throw away a diamond in bitlife, you need to have one. When you buy a diamond that is at least 5 carats in bitlife, just throw it away. To this, go ahead and select the diamond and opt for the “Discard” option.

When a bitlife player completes the above elucidated tasks, they have successfully completed the Titanic Challenge.


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