How to start game In GTA 5

How to Start New Game in GTA 5 and Save Without Deleting Online & PS4

You probably will be thinking if ‘I start a new game in GTA 5 will it delete my online’? In the course of this article, we would look at one of the greatest mysteries that bother Grand theft gamers. Here, we would be looking at how to start a new game without deleting the old one and also How to save game In GTA 5.
If you have a knack for finding secrets in video games, then look no further, the GTA 5 is here for you. From movie references to game easter eggs, there is no limitation to what a gamer can find in this cool open-world action game.
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Before we start, it is important to note that most of the games developed by Rockstart load its saves automatically. Because the save loads automatically, it can be hard to start a new game in GTA 5. Imagine being faced with the problem of not being able to restart story in your GTA 5.


Guide on How to start GTA 5 Online and PS4

Just like most games have, the GTA 5 does not come with a start screen. This is why gamers prefer to go for restarting the story mode in GTA 5. Whenever the grand theft game boots, it would load into the latest save.
To start a new game in GTA 5, gamers would have to restart it from the beginning.
Here is an actionable guide on how to do such:

  • Press the pause menu to bring the game to a halt.
  • Next up, scroll to the Game tab
  • In the game tab, select “New game”, and then confirm your selection.

If you have followed the instructions above, you would wind up restarting the GTA 5 from the beginning. With a complete restart of the game, a player would not be able to retain the money or purchased items. If a player using this feature by mistake, they can recover by using the “Load Game” feature in the same GUI (graphic user interface).

How to save a game in GTA 5

For most gamers that do not know Grand theft auto, this question can appear to be a bit impertinent. There are some peculiarities related to being able to save a game in GTA 5. Just like most popular video games, no gamer wants to lose all the progress that they made. Imagine going as far as buying a garage in the game and then losing track of that progress.
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It is painful to return to the game and still not be able to cover a grand theft mission that took you hours to complete. So, to help gamers to clear their doubt, we prepared this guide.
Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

How to save game In GTA 5 Story Mode


Making the first contact with the game and the setting of its adventures, it is important that you know how to save their progress. In a bid to do this, there are three options that ought to be explored. These options are namely; the manual saves, the autosave, and the Quicksave.

How to manually save GTA 5 Online PC and PS4

One sure-fire way to ensure that your game progress is intact is to create your own save file.  A lot of video games come up with the best approach for creating a game save file.
Sometimes, the player can save the game by overwriting an existing save file or by saving it in a new slot. Being able to do this helps you to managed multiple games that you want to test-run its different results and actions.

Use The Quick Save Option

This is how to quicksave in GTA 5 online. The second best option is to use the quick save feature of GTA 5. This is a system that gives gamers the same advantages as the manual saving technique. One edge the quick save feature has over the manual save technique is its portability.
How to save game In GTA 5
With the Quicksave functionality of GTA 5, a gamer can save the progress no matter how far they have gone.
The practical way to doing this is by accessing the character’s mobile phone and select the corresponding option. This would come alongside an icon called “online cloud services”. The manual save is used to overwrite a game that was saved previously, while the quick save is used if the game has been saved at least once.

How to Use Autosave in GTA 5

An autosave feature is an option that is present in a lot of modern video games. The autosave option can be activated by default. To use this saving option, simply pause the game, and go to the settings section. Then, look for the subsection in which game consoles are called “Saved”, then called “Saved and start” in PCs. When you get to this option, all you need to do is to check the box, and voila! You are using the Autosave functionality in GTA 5.
So whenever you finish a mission in GTA 5 and don’t want to go back on your game progress, the Autosave functionality can come to your rescue.

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