Make Terracotta in Minecraft

How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft with Simple Practical Guides

In the Minecraft game, one of the most interesting decorative blocks is terracotta. Terracotta in Minecraft is a nice alternative to the vibrant colours of wool blocks and concrete blocks. In Minecraft, you can easily find or cook terracotta yourself. In the cause of this article, we will be looking at a definite guide on how to make terracotta in a Minecraft game.


It will not be wrong to assert that Minecraft is one of the most interesting PC games on the planet. The Minecraft game is simply all about picking up 8-bit stones and building stuff. Without the mouthing, let us delve in.

What are the materials needed in Making Terracotta in Minecraft?

In a bid to produce the terracotta in the Minecraft game, You only need a furnace and at least a clay ball. To be able to make terracotta, you would need to make clay blocks out of clay. A silk touch tool can be used in the process of digging up clay blocks or just forming some clay blocks out of clay balls.
how to Make Terracotta in Minecraft
A gamer can also indulge in an enchanted tool that would not allow the number of clay balls that drop to increase. This is why a lot of gamers prefer to use the silk touch enhanced tool, as it saves them more time. As stated earlier, a furnace would be needed, as this would be used for the cooking of the terracotta. And then, don’t forget to come along with the fuel of your choice.

Here is a Practical Guide on How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are two ways that terracotta can be obtained, these are; by making it yourself or by locating a mesa (also referred to as badlands in the game). It is in the mesa that the terracotta is generated naturally in Minecraft. We would look into that in subsequent paragraphs.

Now, back to our guide, you can find a badland with natural terracotta if you are lucky. And in the case of finding a badland in Minecraft, there is not much strategy involved.

So instead of relying on luck to find clay for terracotta making, let us stick with the most common method of making the terracotta, shall we!

In the Minecraft game, any clay block that you successfully mine would be converted into terracotta. Here is a simple hack, clay can be found in lakes and shallow ponds in Minecraft.


For some of us that do not know what clay looks like in Minecraft, clay is a grey block that is mostly found underwater. If you have a slick tool in your inventory, you can use it to break the clay with ease. For gamers that do not have a silk tool, you can use your hands or any other in-hand tool to get only four clay balls.

After breaking the clay into clay balls, you need to gather as many clay balls as you want and head for a furnace. It is in the furnace that you would be able to convert your clay into terracotta. In the GUI (graphic user interface) of the Minecraft game, you would see an option to place the clay in a slot and fuel the furnace.

After cooking the clay, you would wind up with terracotta that has no colour. Sometimes, in the process of looking for a block to get clay from, it is hard to get blocks that have just one colour. After making your terracotta in Minecraft, its colour would be reddish-brown most likely.

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How to Use Terracotta in Minecraft

Now that you are done with making the terracotta,  you would now need to proceed to stain the terracotta in different colours. According to the GUI in Minecraft, if you get a dye and surround 8 terracotta blocks with it, you would be able to stain those blocks with the colour of your choice.
how to use Terracotta in Minecraft
In the Minecraft game, there are up to 16 different coloured blocks that a gamer can work with. In addition to colouring a terracotta, it can also be glazed to create some stunning patterns.

There is no much fuss about glazing your terracotta block. All you need is to place the stained clay blocks in the furnace then, cook it.

There is a big difference between stained terracotta and glazed terracotta. Stained Terracotta in Minecraft just has one color, while glazed terracotta has four different unique design patterns in the Minecraft game.

In the picture above, these are four unique terracotta design patterns that have been made out of lime-glazed terracotta. It is common to have the texture of the block changing due to the block was placed while placing the terracotta.


A gamer can use clay blocks to produce terracotta with the aid of a furnace in Minecraft. It is commonplace to have Minecraft gamers, forming 4 clay balls into blocks and then, using a furnace to smelt the resulting block. In Minecraft you can fly any colour combo you wish to use.


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