This is How to Make a Fish Trap in Stranded Deep | Simple Step By Step Guide

This is How to Make a Fish Trap in Stranded Deep With Simple Steps

Welcome to another daily tonic of stranded deep guides, and this time we will guide you on How to Make a Fish Trap in Stranded Deep. Already known for excellence in gaming tips, here is another comprehensive guide as we look to solve one of the stranded deep difficulties. We also will show you how to use fishing rod as well.


As a survival game, you will need all the materials to help you survive through the Ocean and Island. So many craftable items like lashing (which you’d always need), speargun (which you will use in fighting some of the deadly animals on and off the shores), campfire (which will serve in a different capacity – be it for boiling or lighting), leather, etc. These are all survival items that help you stay alive in the game and you need them.

Fish Trap and its Use

Like many other craftable items in stranded deep, Fish Trap is one of them. It is one of those survival items the is built using a few materials on the Island. So, how do fish traps work in stranded deep? There are lots of things you can use in the fish trap but it is primarily made to catch fish. However, it can be updated to catch other aquatic animals such as crayfish, and crabs, etc. Generally, like what we all experienced, the deeper you go – the bigger the fishes you and the closer to Island you get – the smaller the fishes you are expected to trap.

How To Craft Fish Trap in Stranded Deep

Crafting of fish trap is a lot more simple than what some gamers make it look. Have you collected the recipes already? If yes, then get it on the way, else you will need to gather your recipes. This is how it works, the recipes usually will show up in the menu if players have them already. If it doesn’t then you may have to collect a lot more to unlock the feature in the game.

So, what are the materials that players will need to craft a good fish trap? Three items which include Lashing, Rock and Sticks. Those are the items needed for fish trap crafting – though the quantity at which they should be used will be made know next:

Sticks 6X – This is one of the most efficient materials in the game. Can be easily collected around the Island with most of them lying on the floor.


Rock 2X – Rocks are readily available all through the Island. However, it may be quite large at times but you can always mine them to the needed size of your choice.

Lashing 2X – Lashing are gotten from fibrous leaves. Cut down a few palm trees with knife and collect the leaves to form lashing from them.

You are very close to having it ready once you have collected all of these materials. Now, follow the next steps below:

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Head to the game’s ‘Menu
Click on the ‘Crafting‘ tab
Click on the ‘Hunting‘ option, the;
Select the ‘Fish Trap
Congrats, as you’ve successfully crafted the trap. But, now that you have the trap ready what next? You probably will be thinking of how to use it.

How to Use Fish Trap in Stranded Deep

This equally include how to use fishing rod stranded deep. Placing the trap is quite easy but requires different configurations on different platforms. In console (Xbox and PS4), tap on L2/LT buttons or right mouse button on PC to drag the trap into the water.

To set the trap tap on the “E” key on PC, the square button on PS4, or X on Xbox One. Before you’d need a bait on the trap to catch fish but that is long gone as you only need to set it this time.

Remember, for bigger fish (which is what everyone will like) you need to place your trap in deeper water, but for smaller fishes (if you’d like that too), then get close to the Island (the shallow area).


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