This is How to Craft and Use a Speargun in Stranded Deep Xbox One, PS4 and PC

This is How to Craft and Use a Speargun in Stranded Deep Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Looking for How to Craft a speargun in stranded deep? Welcome to another moment where we share another important stranded deep tip. This time it is Speargun which is one of the essential weapons in the game; here we will show you How to Craft and Use a Speargun in Stranded Deep with simple steps.


What is Speargum In Stranded Deep?

The Speargun is a dominant weapon in Stranded Deep with some massive range. It is a robust shooting device with great range and is useful for hunting Sharks or fighting Bosses in the game of stranded deep. When fully fortified, users are able to fire using the Speargun Arrows. One can confidently say that Speargun is one of the most influential hunting tools in the game. Meanwhile, for bigger adventurers, the device can often be used to repel attacks and other threatening circumstances.

How To Craft Speargun in Stranded Deep

Crafting a speargun may seem a bit difficult for beginners, but we have made these steps as comprehensive as possible for you to follow. Before crafting this device, first, you will need to gather all the recipes that will be used for it. The materials and amount to be used will be analyzed next:
2x Stick: Sticks are the first thing to collect while trying to craft a speargun. They are readily found on the Island, just take a walk and pick them up on the ground.
1x Air Tank: Another recipe for building this device is the air tank. They can be found inside hard cases and lockers in shipwrecks.
1x Leather: Another material you should get is leather. Leather can be crafted at the tanning rack and can be found by skinning boars and sharks. If you don’t know where to find one; we have made a guide here on how to get leather.
1x Duct Tape: The final material here is the duct tape. The duct tape can be found in crates.

Speargun Arrow: This is How to Craft It

Now that you are done with the speargun, next is its arrow. Remember, there is no way the speargun can shoot itself, and that’s the reason you will need an arrow which forms the bullet. So, let’s put you through a few recipes you need in building an arrow and how to get them.
Lashing 1x: Lashing is one of the two recipes you need in building a speargun arrow in stranded deep. Lashing can be gotten from palm trees. Cut down palm trees, collect the fibrous leaves there and convert to lashing.
Sticks 1x: Stick is definitely one of the most common things you can find in the game. They are readily on the ground, and you can pick as many as you want – but must follow the needed number.
Now you’ve successfully crafted your speargun and its arrow. It is time to put the deadly device to use.

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How To Use Speargun in PS4, Xbox, and PC


Now that you have made this massive weapon, it is time to use it as well. So, what are you using the speargun for? Fish hunting or Bosses chase? You can equally go along with the device while traversing the Island. On various platforms, there are different button configurations to get the gun working. Meanwhile, have made that of PS4, Xbox One, and PC available here.
PS4: To use the Speargun on PS4, press the “L2/LT” buttons. When it is time to shoot, press ‘X‘.
Xbox One: Using the speargun in Xbox One comes with the same button configuration as that of PS4; Just press the “L2/LT” buttons. When it is time to shoot, press ‘X‘.
PC: On PC, it is a bit different as you need to press ‘RMB’. When it is time to shoot, press ‘RMB‘ or ‘Square‘.

Stranded Deep Speargun Durability

Oh, you want to find out the ability of the speargun to withstand moments? Well, as we said earlier, this is one of the biggest inventories in the game of stranded deep and it is super durable. A single speargun made can be used for the entire duration of the game.

Stranded Deep Speargun Not Working

Is your speargun not working? We have had series of complaints by gamers that after crafting a speargun, the device isn’t as functional as they think. I honestly have not encountered this and perhaps will be difficult to craft out a solution at the moment, but crafting a new speargun is always a possible answer.

Stranded Deep: How Many Speargun Arrows to kill a Shark

8 is the answer. But from 6 arrows you are good enough to start the hunt. Having up to 20 or sufficient speargun can be magical and will definitely bring confidence. However, you can start utilizing the little you’ve got the best way.
How about our guide on how to craft a speargun in the game of stranded deep, was it quite helpful? Well, the comment section is where you can have your say. Remember, speargun is one of those massive devices you will surely need at any point in the game.


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