This is How to Get water in Stranded Deep PS4, Xbox One and PC 2020

How to Get water in Stranded Deep 2024 PS4, Xbox One and PC

For gamers of stranded deep who are looking for how to get fresh water in stranded deep, we bring you a step-by-step guide here. This will put you through the various simple steps you’d need to follow on different platforms including Xbox, PS4 and PC as well.


Why Do You Need Water in Stranded Deep?

Stranded Deep is undoubtedly one of the world most played survival games. Like we all know, the story is about plane crash survivors who are stranded and looking for survival. Here you get attacked by some of the most deadly creatures such as megalodon, sharks etc. So, in such a situation players need several things to help them survive in the game which clean drinkable water is one of them.

Players often get dehydrated when they traverse the island for a period of time. With this, you will surely need water to refill back and perhaps get your energy back as well. It is not quite difficult as most people make to be. Therefore, we will show you different methods to simply get water in stranded deep.

This is How to Get water in Stranded Deep

Here are the simple steps to follow and get water in stranded deep ps4. Like we said earlier, there are quite a number of methods that one can get water in this survival game. The utmost has to be being able to store this water just when you get it…cos it may not be handy when you need it next time – plus you wouldn’t like to go through stress again for a number of times. So, you’d have a number of methods to pick from as we go;

Water Still Stranded Deep

For me, this is the most effective and sustainable method of water in the game. Water still allows the player to not only drink but store the water as well. However, you need to craft this…and when crafting water still you need several recipes like one tarp, – which can be found in abundance through out the Island. The other material is lashing…this can be easily found around the Island. Meanwhile, you can get lashing by cutting down Palm Trees and obtaing them from the leaves.


After you’re done crafting your Water Still, it will be filled with water overtime. It is capable of holding up to five drinks of water. The player can then drink it with an open hand and equally store the water with the water storage option. This is the most effective way of getting water here as recommended by many.

Quwawa Fruit

how to get water in stranded deep ps4
Some would argue that this isn’t really fresh, but the bench mark is, you’ve gotten water. Some islands are spawn with Quwawa berries. This berry when eaten will definitely refill both thirst and hunger. Just so you know, these berries do spoil when reserving them, but can be planted too. People like me prefer this as it cures both thirst and hunger but below is another option;

Coconut Fruit

Most players tag this the easiest way to get water and i think same. This is one of the most readily available fruits on the Islands and river banks. The superb advantage about Coconuts is that they don’t get to spoil. Opening the Coconuts? Use a knife to smash open the coconuts and drink the water inside…also break the box with axe and eat the flesh. The other advantage of coconut is that it cures hunger aside just quenching taste.

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How to Store Water In Stranded Deep

Do we still need to discus water storage again? As you’ve seen the three methods above – each of them water can be stored. But i think the most effective method among those here is water still – it keeps clean water for as long as you’d imagine.

Stranded Deep Boiling Water

For a number of reasons, players will want to get warm, hot or even boiling water as the game goes. This is how to get it done. Get your camp fire burning. Pick a buck of water and hang on – with the bottom facing the flame. The period at which this stays there depends on what you want. So you can go for boiling water with a higher minutes – warm water at a reduced minutes as well.

Hope you had a great time going through our comprehensive tips? Do well to drop your thoughts in the comment section before leaving.


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