This is How to Send and Accept Trade in Borderlands 3 2023 PS4, PC and Xbox

In Borderlands 3, – this is how to send trade with ease in the game. Our guide will put you through several Borderlands trading tips including how to trade money and guns.


Several features are possible in Borderlands 3 just like other editions of the game. One of them is the ability to trade treasures including gifts, money, and guns. What is really amazing about the borderlands 3 trading is the ability to do so even when friends are offline, thanks to the mail trade system. Players can equally trade while playing the game together – but one thing should be noted; players can online trade items with friends. 

Send and Accept Trade in Borderlands 3
Like we earlier mentioned, sharing items with other players has always been there in Borderlands, and Borderlands 3 is no exception. Meanwhile, what is different here is the introduction of new methods to do it. This includes the ability to mail weapons to friends in Borderlands 3 regardless of where they are. However, the other thing is that before this is possible, players should be friends with each other.

Methods of Sending Trades 

We had already mentioned that unique thing about Borderland 3 trading – which is the different trading methods available. Meanwhile, we will be showing you one method (which is the most preferred method) available to get this done.

Through Mailing Menu Access 


First and foremost, players must hit the mail menu. Simply pause the game and click on the Social menu. Once you are here, you can tap on the inbox via the mailing option menu. This option is not available from the main menu, so players must be in an active session to get this done. Also, know that the two players don’t need to be actively playing to get this working. After a player must have accessed their mail, the next thing to do is to check inbox for possible mail delivery. Checking after a short while is advisable as all bonuses will be sent to the inbox. If there is any notification of items waiting, simply select the notification button to accept the traded item.

This is How to Trade Guns in Borderlands 3 | Steps to Follow

We had already given the necessary steps to get items traded on the borderlands 3 platforms. However, guns seem to be one of the most sort after weapons in the game and it is usually traded amongst friend. Here are the various simple steps to get your gun traded to friends in the game with ease.

  • Get under the Social Menu in game where you can see your friends
  • Choose the Mail tab
  • Tap on X to send mail
  • Select an item in your inventory and a friend to send it to

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How to Trade Money in Borderlands 3

Money is the next most valuable item players of borderlands 3 send to each other. Meanwhile, the steps to get this done is just like that of any inventory available in the game. Below are the steps:

  • Get under the Social Menu in-game where you can see your friends
  • Choose the Mail tab
  • Tap on X to send mail
  • Select an item in your inventory and a friend to send it to

How to Send Gifts on Borderlands 3 Without Trading 

Here is another method of sharing items, but other than trading this time, players will rather share items. In trading, you’d need to be friends before it is possible to trade items, meanwhile, here you can simply share items around with other players not necessarily friends.

Hope you’ve learned how to get this done today? Remember this guide covers PC, PS4, and Xbox. However, feel free to get your gaming tips and ideas heard in the comment section below.


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