10 Best Looking Minecraft Texture Packs in 2024

Here we will be reviewing some of the Best Looking Minecraft Texture Packs today. Superb colors, beautiful lighting, amazing looking environment, etc. are some of the criteria we will be picking these Texture packs from.


Texture pack is a collection of files that are used to change the in-game textures of blocks, items, mobs, and the GUI. They are usually .zip files that have various PNG images in them and a text document named pack.txt. The native resolution of Minecraft’s textures is 16×16 measured pixels in block height and width.

Numerous reviewers out there pick their best texture packs with different criteria in mind and perhaps appearance isn’t usually part of them as we review that today.

Here are The 10 Best Looking Minecraft Texture Packs in 2024

1. Soartex Fanver

Soartex Fanver texture pack
Coming up top on our list of Best Looking Minecraft Texture Packs here is Soartex Fanver. Soartex Fanver brings a fun texture mod that gives the game an overall happier look, with vivid colors and cheery mob textures. Many would argue that Minecraft game is a fun and happy game by default, and it should stay that way. However, this particular texture pack gives improved visuals that keep with this happy look.

2. Modern HD

Modern HD packs
Coming in the second spot is the ‘Modern HD’ texture pack that looks incredibly amazing. An interesting environment, with green soft grasses, polished floor, and a nice building is what sum-up the Modern HD texture pack. It is almost known by all how amazing Minecraft graphics has always been, but the touch in Modern HD is super amazing. Anything from King’s

Landing in Game of Thrones, Columbia from Bioshock, the Titanic ship, and Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series have been built with Minecraft blocks.

3. Wolfhound

Wolfhound texture
Wolfhound is probably the most expansive fantasy pack at the moment, this texture pack comes in 7 amazing variants. With that many to choose from, you’re sure to find the Minecraft experience you’re looking for.

Though the pack is in a medieval/fantasy theme, it isn’t as dark as other popular medieval packs. Overall it takes the fantasy theme in a brighter, more fun direction. Depending on your preferences you can choose between the dungeon, heavenly, asian, fairy, seasons, classic medieval variants, and fantasy.

4. Retro NES

Retro NES
Blue, light, and dark green is what make up the color outlook of the Retro NES is what places this pack in the number four position. The Retro NES pack is cool just because the NES is one of the most important consoles ever released in the history of video games. The NES hosted a number of classic Nintendo games like Metroid, Mario, and Mega Man to name a few.


One thing that can easily trigger nostalgia for gamers is the unmistakable aesthetic of the NES graphics. The bright color palette and 8-bit style that the NES brought can be applied to Minecraft as well. And who would’ve thought they could fit perfectly in this game! Safe to say without NES, there will be no Minecraft.

5. oCd

oCd is simply built for those who can’t stand any kind of mess or clutter, oCd is the perfect texture pack for all of you. Enjoy the game without having to worry about your oCd kicking in – as oCd focuses on keeping everything neat and symmetrical. Lots of benefits here as players with Low-End PC are equally expected to have even smoother experience.

6. Sphax PureBDCraft

Sphax PureBDCraft
Placed in the number sixth position on our list today is Sphax PureBDCraft incredible texture pack. PureBDCraft makes major changes to the game’s visuals – Blocks, creatures, and items receive upgraded high-definition textures. But what’s really cool is the unique comic book look.
Instead of aiming to make Minecraft look more realistic, it gets a beautiful cartoon aesthetic. With the comic book art style and color palette, transform your game to make it look and feel like you’re in the newest Marvel or DC release.

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7. BladeCraft

Obviously, one of the most common texture packs in Minecraft mods today. BladeCraft provides the game with a futuristic approach to its aesthetic, it is also based on sci-fi hit Blade Runner.

8. LB Photo Realism

LB Photo Realism
LB Photo Realism remain one of the best looking packs on the list, LB Photo Realism aims to upgrade the game’s visuals to make it look as realistic as possible. This very pack is quite awesome and perhaps one of the most popular so far. While maintaining the signature blocky appearance of the game, each of the blocks are taken to a whole new level detail-wise.

More than just the world, the mob textures get upgrades as well. The zombie, wolf, and spider textures just look insane.

9. Glimmar’s Steampunk

Glimmar’s Steampunk
The amazing Glimmar’s Steampunk Modifying almost all textures and lighting, this pack makes Minecraft feel like an entirely different game. Aside from immersing yourself in the steampunk world, check out the updated mob textures as well. Adding textures for robot factory workers and mechanical horses, this is definitely unlike any other Minecraft experience you’ll find.

10. John Smith Legacy

John Smith Legacy
Last on our list of 10 Best Looking Minecraft Texture Packs is John Smith Legacy. Another fantasy/RPG themed pack, John Smith legacy is one of the more popular in the genre. With continued support to this day, this is still compatible with modern Minecraft builds and super fun. Perfect for builders looking to recreate the look and feel of old medieval fantasy structures, giving the game a darker, grittier look.

Those were our Best Looking Minecraft Texture Packs at the moment. Our collection was based on appearance and classy builds.


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