10 Best Gun in Warzone Right Now, 2022 Updated Picks

10 Best Gun in Warzone Right Now, 2024 Updated Picks

In the course of this article, we would be looking at the top 10 guns that a gamer can find in warzone. Despite the fact that there are so many guns on display, only a few guns are used in constant play in Call of Duty Warzone. So, what is the best gun in Warzone right now? Well below is our review of the most deadly tools available at the moment in Warzone.


Here are the 10 Best Gun in Warzone Right Now, 2024 Update

1. STG44

The STG44 warzone gun is the best gun for beginner gamers due to the flexibility of the gunsmith system. With this gun, the player can create builds with up to ten attachments. In terms of the best assault rifle in Warzone, the STG44 has it all. It has an impressive output, range, and recoil control that is very stable. The only downside of the STG-44 is the handling and fire rate which are not very strong.

2. KAR98K

KAR98K can be considered to be one of the best snipers in the warzone game. This is because it is a good traditional sniper. With an on-hand perk on a KAR98K, a gamer can resist the amount of flinch resistance. There are excellent builds of the KAR98K in the warzone that are available for gamers to try.

3. PPSH-41

This is an interesting warzone gun that features large magazines, and very low recoil. If you are the kind of player that likes to decimate players at a close range, then you should try the PPSH-41. There are good loadouts of the PPSH-41 that a player can use to pair alongside a sniper rifle or an assault rifle. It would not be wrong to assert that the PPSH-41 is one of the fastest close-range killing weapons in the warzone game.

4. Automaton

Automaton is a warzone gun that makes the list because of its low recoil. It is a very easy assault rifle that any warzone gamer can try on. It is a low-skill weapon that comes with a heavy punch. That is, you don’t need to be a skilled warzone gamer to flex this one. If you pick the best automaton loadout, you are set fair for some gaming action.

5. Cooper Carbine

In the season 1 battle pass of the warzone game, Cooper Carbine was one of the first weapons to be added. It has a gun that has a great sniper support system. This makes it a perfect gun for gamers that want to take down enemies from either medium or close range. This gun is very reliable because of its accuracy.


6. NZ-41

This can be considered to be a strong assault rifle and rivals the AK-47 rifle in the warzone game. In your build, if you make the right attachments to lower the recoil of this gun, you would have maximum damage. This warzone assault rifle has the capacity to chop its way through in-game enemies with ease.

7. OTS 9

By a long shot, the OTS 9 is one of the best SMG. It is a warzone gun that features a great output and fire rate. And has a decent shooting range too. The capital strength of the OTS 9 gun is in its mobility. In the Call of Duty battle royale, this gun can give you the ability to detect player movement very quickly. If you are the type of gamer that is into 1v1 combat, then, make the OTS 9 Warzone gun a must-pick.

8. EM2

This interesting warzone gun was introduced at the beginning of Season 5. It has a good damage output but a slow ADS speed. If you are the type of gamer that is into long-range shootouts, then make the EM2 a must-pick. The EM2 has a natural high accuracy and can be used in combo with one of the new perks: Combat Recon. With this weapon, if you hit an enemy, it would automatically show their location in the in-game minimap, thereby alerting your game-mates of the location of the enemy.

9. C58

This warzone gun is for gamers that are looking for an assault rifle that has great overall stats. It is important to note that the only downside of the C58 warzone gun is its recoil. In compensation, it has a good damage output that does pack a punch. If you put the C58 with some accuracy, you would get an impressive meta option.

10. MAC -10

If you are in search of a warzone gun that has high mobility put together with a fast time to kill, then you have the MAC-10. It weapon that constantly impresses Call of Duty gamers when fighting close-range enemies. MAC-10 has a fast aim down sight speed, and with a good attachment, a gamer can pack loads of kills.


That is about that for our guide on the 10 best guns in Warzone. Most of these guns made the list because they featured a solid range, good fire rate, good recoil, and high damage output.


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