Does Sprouts take Apple Pay

Does Sprouts take Apple Pay in 2024 – Here’s a Short Answer

Sprouts Farmers Market also known as Sprouts are known for making fresh healthy farm produce and supplements. If you keep reading this blog post, you will learn whether or not the Sprouts farmers market accepts Apple Pay or not. Without further ado, let us delve in.


Short Answer

The short answer is yes! Sprouts Farmers Market accepts Apple Pay as a valid means of payment. Apple Pay is used in Sprouts across all its locations in the US. All you need in order to use Apple Pay at Sprouts is an internet-enabled device.

What Is The Sprouts Farmers Market?

Sprouts is a grocery store that works like a farmers market. Sprouts stores started off in the US way back in 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona. Since its establishment, Sprouts stores have expanded to having over 370 stores in 23 states in the US. They have a workforce of over 35,ooo workers. Also worth noting is that Sprouts’ stores are about 30,000 square feet in size. They deal mainly in organic food products that are not processed.

How To Use Apple Pay At Sprouts Grocery Stores

Using Apple Pay at Sprouts grocery stores is darn easy. As stated earlier, all you need is an Apple device that has a payment card attached to it. This Apple device can be your iPhone smartphone or your Apple Watch.

To make payments at Sprouts grocery stores, head to the checkout lane, after using your cart to select your farm products. Then use your iPhone or Apple Watch to launch the Apple Pay app. With your Apple Watch, simply double-tap the side of the watch. And with your iPhone click on the Apple Pay app logo on your home screen to launch it.


Select your payment card, then head to the payment terminal that is NFC enabled. Proceed to scan or tap to make payment. If your payment with the Apple Watch was a success, you will see a green checkmark on its user interface. For your iPhone, you will get a notification that the payment was a success.

In addition to Apple Pay, Sprouts grocery stores also accept Android Pay, Samsung and Google Pay. worth noting is that they accept the tap-and-go functionality.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay At Sprouts

Here are the advantages of using Apple Pay at Sprouts Farmers Market:

  • When you add a debit card to your Apple Pay account, you will be eligible for discounts when you shop at Sprouts.
  • The Apple Pay app is very much secure and seamless, and having it as a payment method entails that you don’t need to carry around cards or wands of cash when you want to go shopping at Sprouts.
  • Sprouts are very popular in the US. This implies that they will have long wait lines for checkout without a fast payment method. This is where Apple Pay comes in. With Apple Pay, you have speedier checkout lines at Sprouts.

Other Payment Methods Accepted by Sprouts Farmers Market

Here is a complete list of other payment methods that are accepted at Sprouts Farmers Market:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google/Android Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Credit Cards either; Visa, Mastercard, Discover card, or American Express.
  • Debit Card
  • Cash
  • ACH
  • Prepaid cards
  • Check
  • Wire
  • ATM card
  • EBT cards/SNA/ Food stamps
  • Sprouts gift cards

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