This Card Cannot Be Verified Right Now

This Card Cannot Be Verified Right Now – How To Fix Google Pay Error

Google pay is a payment gateway that is maintained by Google. It is a fintech solution that gives you the ability to make purchases without carrying a card or cash at all times. The user interface of Google pay can be simple on the surface, but sometimes things can go wrong. One of such things is when you get the message; “the card cannot be verified right now”. You can get this error if you are trying to add your card to your Google pay wallet for making automated payments in the future.


How To Fix “This Card Cannot Be Verified Right Now” Error With Google Pay

Google uses the procedure for verifying your card on Google Pay to protect your bank account. It is important to note that the verification code for the card comes from your bank and not Google Pay. This is why you should ensure that your bank card is linked to your email address and current phone, so you can get codes.

How You Can Verify Your Bank Card On Google Pay

If you want to link your bank card, you will receive a code via your email or text, it is important that you make sure to go back to the app and enter it. In verifying your bank card with text or email, you will get your verification code within a few minutes. If you don’t get one for your card verification on Google pay, contact your financial institution.


Another interesting way to verify your bank card, you can call your bank by phone to get a verification code. There are USA-based banks that even allow a phone call via the Google Pay app.

Another practical way to verify your card on Google Pay is by signing in to your bank app and verifying the payment method. If you do not have your bank app, you will need to temporarily leave Google Pay and install it, then come back to Google Pay.

Finally, another sure-fire way to verify your bank card is by making a temporary deposit. If you make a small deposit of $1, it will show up in your bank account. You will get a notice about this transaction by text or email. It is important to note that the deposit will be removed from your account as a debit.
To get this verification code:

  • Log into your bank account.
  • Find the charges that match the amount on your Google Pay app.
  • Go to your android powered device, and open the Google Pay app.
  • At the bottom user interface, tap payment.
  • Then under the payment method, go ahead and tap verify.
  • Choose your payment amount and then tap verify.

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What To Do If Your Verification Code Doesn’t Work?

If the verification code for your bank card does not work, here are four things you can do:

  • Check to see if the information you entered is correct.
  • If the verification method did not work, use another verification method and try again.
  • If the code still does not work, call your financial institution.
  • If the code does not work, you can also ask the bank to check the verification for the Google Pay app.

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