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Delivered to Parcel Locker Meaning and Explanation

A parcel locker is a container that allows USPS mailers to receive packages that are large. With the aid of a parcel locker, a mailer can receive a package that does not fit into the standard mailboxes. It is way better than making multiple delivery attempts with your courier service. Package shippers can leave them in a Parcel locker, where it would be held up for the courier client to receive. A parcel is usually located in common spaces where different courier services and USPS workers can easily access.


Delivered to Parcel Locker

Delivered to Parcel Locker
The meaning of this message to those that use the USPS courier service is that the package is most likely in a parcel locker box in a cluster mailbox.

For newbies, a cluster mailbox is a standing configuration that contains multiple parcel lockers and tenant boxes that can lock individually. Most apartment complexes in the USA make use of cluster mailboxes. It is important to note that a parcel locker is located at the bottom of the cluster mailbox.

If your package was properly scanned, the message that you would receive is; “Delivered, Parcel locker”. This implies that your package was left in a parcel locker, with the key left for you. With the aid of the key, the recipient would now go to the cluster mailbox, locate the parcel locker and get their package.

Benefits of Using a Parcel Locker

Benefits of Using a Parcel Locker
There are numerous benefits of using Parcel Lockers and below are three we’ve gathered for you;

1. You get guaranteed delivery of your shipment

With the aid of a parcel, a package recipient is sure of receiving their shipment. What can be more frustrating than having to trek to town to receive an important shipment? You do not need to engage in a tedious trip if you have a nearby locker. All you need to do is to open the nearest Parcel locker and take the package that has been waiting for you.


2. With a package locker, you get secure storage

Imagine having your most important goods left behind your trash or porch. Even in a good neighborhood, it is not an ideal scenario. The best alternative is to make use of a parcel locker. With it, you have greater peace of mind especially if you are the type of recipient that checks your mail daily. Most of these secure parcel lockers come in various shapes and sizes. In fact, did you know that most come with a secure video surveillance system.

3. A parcel locker is self-service oriented

With a conventional post office, you are only allowed to pick your package in the opening hours. But with a parcel locker, you have constant access to your deposit box day and night. The United States postal service runs a line of gopost self-service kiosks. Another popular type of public parcel lockers are the amazon lockers, which is used for orders received from amazon.  A parcel locker helps to relive post offices off a lot of administrative burdens.

Are Parcel Lockers that Secure?

Although parcel lockers are usually unmanned, they are one of the safest places to keep your mail. With the aid of video surveillance in cluster mailboxes, thieves can be detailed with relative ease.

How to get cheaper Postage because of Parcel Lockers

With the aid of a centralized mail locker, it is a lot cheaper for postal services to deliver mail. The only drawback is that the cost of savings does not get passed to the postal courier customer, who is the end user.

On the flip side, you can minimize cost with other ways and receive your mail. For newbies, you can indulge in prepaid postage meters, which help you to cut down on the time and money spent in handling mails.

Instead of weighing your items one by one and then manually applying stamps, a postage machine can do the cumbersome task for you.


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