How To Play Different Game Modes Fortnite

This is How To Play Different Game Modes in Fortnite 2024

Solo, Duos, and Trios are the three different game modes in Fortnite playable by the players. But, how do you get to play each of these modes? Well, we’ve put together a step by guide to help you ace the different modes available in the games as well as completing Game Modes Fortnite Challenge.


People often mix things up…complicating Fortnite modes with options. Well, we have equally made that clear here in this piece.

What Are The Different Fortnite Modes? And How Many Modes Are There in Fortnite?

There are three different Fortnite game modes in total. Like we earlier mentioned, this includes Solo, Duos, and Trios which can be also referred to as Squad mode. Players have the freedom to choose from these modes just to fit their taste at a particular time. Meanwhile, some mode like you’ve seen requires more than player. Only Solo can be played alone while Duos, Trios, or squad mode demands you bring a friend along.

How Do I Play Different Game Modes in Fortnite? And, How Do I Change Game Mode In Fortnite?

If you still wondering how to switch between and perhaps play these game modes on Fortnite, then the three steps below will show you How to Change to different Game Modes. See what different modes brings and how to switch to them below.

Here Are 3 Steps To Play Different Game Modes in Fortnite 2024

Step 1. Open Fortnite Selection Screen

Hover to ‘Game Mode’ which is located just above where you find play. Click the button and all the game modes available will be displayed.

Step 2: Select Your Preferred Game Mode

Here you have to pick your preferred game mode and hit the ‘accept’ button. There is also an option to find a team with ‘Fill Squad’ option just on top of it.


Step 3: Game On

Now that you have finally selected the mode of your choice, Go ahead and enjoy the mode selected.

NOTE: only party leaders can select game modes when playing in duos or trios/squad.

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Are There Different Fortnite Games?

Probably no. However, there are some Fortnite main options which include Creative, Save the World, and Battle Royale. Meanwhile, Battle Royale remains the most played option amongst them at the moment. Battle Royale offers player versus player (PvP), one mode that has made the game far more popular globally.

Fortnite Save The World offers player versus environment (PvE). So, unlike battle Royale, people tend to dislike the challenge that ‘Save the World’ offers. However, the game is still available on different platforms like PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Mac.
Creative Mode offers something unique by allowing players to gain access to Private Island. It offers players numerous materials, thereby allowing them to craft whatever design it is they want to.

Play Different Game Modes Fortnite Challenge and Get Benefits

So, why do you want to Play Different Game Modes Fortnite Challenge? Probably for bragging rights during conversations with friends, but there is more to it.

Here is it; completing the three (Solo, Duo, and Trio mode) challenge will reward you with a massive 24000 XP to fill the bar smoothly, which in turn allows you to get whatever reward you want as the season approaches its end. You’d definitely love to take this challenge as its benefits seem attractive.

More updates and seasons will see Fortnite add more juicy and attractive gifts to challenge winners. Meanwhile, season 6 comes with the one we mentioned above for now.


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