How to Get the Mammoth Skin in Fortnite – Wooly Warrior Skin

How to Get the Mammoth Skin in Fortnite – Wooly Warrior Skin

How do you get the mammoth skin in fortnite? If you were searching for How to Get the Mammoth Skin in Fortnite then thank goodness you had to get in here. Well, how to get Fortnite mammoth skin is actually simple and non-complicated like you’ve been thinking and we will guide you on so you can get the Wooly Warrior Skin in Fortnite.

This winter Fortnite has been generous, offering us many cosmetics for free. It’s not over yet because from today until the end of the Winterfest, you can get a new mammoth skin called Wooly Warrior mammoth.

Wooly Warrior Skin

Wooly Warrior Skin

The “Wooly Warrior” skin was in fact in the big green box at the back of the stack of presents, but you don’t have to wait until the last day to open it. You can open it today so long as you only open presents from the left side of the screen, clearing the thing out and making way for the skin. My guess is that most people won’t be accessing this thing today for a pretty simple reason: there was some good stuff over on the right side of the screen, including both the Lt. Evergreen skin and the Millennium falcon glider. Only those who didn’t realize the right existed can probably get it today.

Fortnite Insider says that it doesn’t work for everyone, but the site was able to grab the skin with a new account created for testing.

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There’s nothing very complicated about getting it. All you have to do is go inside the Lodge. Normally, you would have been able to open all your gifts except one that was locked. The big green gift at the bottom of the pile is now openable. Open it and you’ll get the skin! If you still have some gifts left unwrapped, don’t panic: you can open several at once, and eventually open the last one containing the skin.

I feel like the icy accents on the shoulders and tusk set it apart a little bit, and I like that it’s a winter skin more than holiday skin.

These two skins are, as far as I can remember, the only two free skins that Epic has ever given out. Sure, there have been a ton of giveaways, bundles, and the like, but the only “free” skins I can remember were tied to outside purchases and subscriptions. I’m fairly sure that these are the only skins that the game has given out completely in-game, no strings attached.

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