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Sekiro Snap Seeds Locations – All Snap Seeds, how to find and use them

In the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice game, snap seed locations are almost everywhere and can be tracked down. Did you know that snap seeds have a fixed location in the game? In addition to a complete guide on Snap seeds locations, we also feature how snap seeds work and when to use them in this article. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


What are Sekiro Snap Seeds? When can you use them and how do they work?

What are Sekiro Snap Seeds

In the Sekiro game, snap seeds can be seen as mysterious in-game items. They are little sees that are usually used by the game character to dispel illusions. They are not majorly an essential playthrough but can be used to mate some of the bosses easier in the game.

Finding the snap seeds in the Sekiro game is not enough, but knowing the best time to use them is pertinent to the success of the gamer. To be able to use the snap seed, the player would need to equip it to their item bar and use the up button on the D-pad of the game controller.

Where and when can the gamer use the Snap seed in the Sekiro game?

In the game, it is important to note that there are two places where you can use the snap seeds.  Both of them being locations of tricky boss fights. The first location where the snap seed can be used in the Sekiro game is the Lady butterfly; when she is in her second phase. The lady butterfly summons illusions that can attack the game character of the player. The illusions that are called forth by the lady butterfly can be dispersed with the aid of a snap seed. This would help to lower the amount of ethereal butterflies that she sends to attack your game character.

The second place in the Sekiro game where you can use the Sekiro snap seeds is against the corrupted monk. If you use your snap seeds against him in a fight, you would wind up stunning him. It is important to note that you can only perform this thrice. That is why you do not need to overdo it. Other than these two mentioned game stances, the player can also use them in the hidden forest.

Now that we know where and when to use the Sekiro snap seeds, let us move on to an overview of the Snap seed locations in the game.

All Sekiro Snap seed locations


Ashina Depths


It is important for the gamer to be well aware that there is a snap seed location that can be found in the location known as the Ashina Depths. It’s likely that when you make use of this Snap Seed to dispel the whole region it will cause the illusion to be lifted and you’ll be able to see the location as it really is.

Ashina Outskirts

You’ll find a number of Snap Seeds throughout this area and all in one easy location. The most effective method of finding the Snap Seeds is to locate them after you’ve killed your way through the Great Serpent. After you’ve struck the beast and then it recoils, move out of your hideaway location and move your game character forward toward the small hill. The creatures are hidden within an unassuming bush. All the same, it is important to note that since they glow, they shouldn’t be too difficult to locate.

Sunken Valley

There are a variety of locations within the Sunken Valley where you can locate Snap Seeds. The first one will be located next to The Toxic Memorial Mob store that you can spot prior to entering the cave to meet the Serpent. There is a drop close by.
Another location is right next to a Monkey which seems like they’re praying. You can get into the cave behind Monkey and swiftly take out the statue, taking home your reward. They will be found shortly after leaving the cave, just before the statue, which you can grapple.

In this game scenery, it is important to be well aware that there is a monkey that drops behind you.
You’re going run across the bridge after you fight the mini-boss known as snake eyes. The game character at this point would need to dash across very quickly so that they can get across to a wooden platform. Here the gamer would need to hold on to the wooden platform so that additional snap seeds would be added to your collection.

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At the point you are at the end of the game, and you’ve decided to defy Owl’s Iron Code, you’re going to enter into the Divine Realm. The first boss you encounter in this region can be identified as the Corrupted Monk who you’ve encountered previously within Mibu Village. The Monk has changed significantly and has slightly different moves and 3 health bars. This is why you need to up your game because beating this game character won’t come easy.

The moment you defeat the boss you can visit any Vendor to purchase Snap Seeds. They should be stocked with Snap Seeds for you to purchase. You can purchase the amount you want and then stock up in case you plan to launch with a New Game plus run of this game.


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