Sekiro Treasure Carp Scale Locations

Sekiro Treasure Carp Scale Locations Guide – Where to Find all Treasure Carp Scales

Treasure Carp Scales are among the Sekiro’s items that are so much valued; however, the sad news is they are so tough to find; most individuals tend to seek them but find them challenging to get.


Sekiro is a game you’re going to love to play, especially if you are a gamer. Treasure Carp is one of Sekiro’s most valuable items that you might be needing at the end of the Sekiro game, and this will be if you are so determined to get the most out of the Software’s latest and most incredible adventures, so here are some of the outlined Sekiro Treasure Carp locations for all of the Treasure carps in the game, you can find them down below.

Sekiro Treasure Carps Total Amount

Treasure carps are in total 42 in number, and for you as a player, you are going to need a particular ability to get all of it, as well as make it to the final part of the game. Bad gamers decide to ally with Kuro when such a decision aris. Otherwise, you will be kicked out of the game and not only the game itself but also the Fountainhead Palace area.

As helpful as the Treasure Carp is, you may later use it as currency with an NPC in Hirata Estate to get a few essential items.

6 Places to Find all Treasure Carp Scales

1. Hirata Estate – Dragonspring Idol: 5x Carp Scales

At the point of the Dragon spring Idol, you can start moving through till you get to the trees, then you’ll find yourself at the front of a massive bridge with an enemy carrying a torch. Your only choice is to either kill him or ignore him completely, right after then look at the left side, close to the coast; in there, you will see a giant boulder. Just go around it, and you’ll discover that something is shining; once you’ve seen, at “that is your first Treasure Carp Scale.”

2. Hirata Estate – Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol: 2x Carp Scales

In this part, two Treasure Carp scales are located at the lake near the Idol, however, to get one you there is a requirement, and that is you must have acquired the Mibu Breathing Technique from the Corrupted Monk.
As a novice in the Sekiro’s, there should be no reason to be scared and by that, leave this part so you can progress past this point of the story.


Just immediately after you see the first grapple prompt, you have to get yourself up there and continue to move until you see a lake. Jump, and immediately begin to dive fast as they were your first Treasure is laid.

3. Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo – Temple Grounds Idol: 2x Carp Scales

Walk a little further away from the Idol and get your sight off from the past buildings below you, for there is a pool of water there; at this point, all you need do is to jump in and kill the fish for two Treasure Carp Scales.

4. Ashina Depths – Water Mill Idol: 1x Carp Scale

In the game, there is a water mill, and this water mill is just on the left side of the Idol, so go towards it and jump into the water. Start swimming immediately upstream. Make sure that you use your Mibu Breathing Technique to dive. After that, you will notice a fish, who will with joy give you a Treasure Carp Scale after you must have killed it.

5. Sunken Valley – Gun Fort Idol: 3x Carp Scales

To get it here is very straightforward; just Head towards the central area, go straight, and once you get to the bridge, jump into the water.

However, you’ll need to dive once more so that you can kill two fish for two Treasure Carp Scales and then loot a glowing item right to the other side for a third Treasure Carp Scale.

6. Ashina Castle – Abandoned Dungeon Entrance Idol: 2x Carp Scales

To get here, there are so many different ways to do it. Just for so you know, it’s the lake that is right below the first main bridge in the Ashina Castle area that where is best; while using your driving ability, you’ll find one Treasure Carp Scale for you to pick up and another one from a fish on the other side for a total of two.

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