Fallout 76 Concrete Locations

Fallout 76 Concrete Locations 2023 | How to get Concrete in Fallout 76

In the fallout 76 game, concrete is an interesting in-game mechanic that is gained by scrapping bags of cement. By scrapping bags of cement, the gamer is bound to get a yield 7 of the crafting material. In the course of this article, you would get a practical guide on how to get concrete in fallout 76.


Just like former game releases, fallout 76 is a game that is filled with crafting materials. With the one of the most interesting being concrete, players would need to find bags of cement that are scattered throughout the wastelands of Appalachia. There are just a few places where a gamer can locate the cement in the fallout 76 game.

Where to find cement that is used to get concrete in fallout 76

First off, there is a bridge that is along highway 59 inside the game. And there are two interesting ways that the gamer can get to this location. The gamer can choose to travel due south of vault 76 and then pass through the green country sign. Or simply follow highway 59 to the southwest of the in-game map.

If the fallout 76 gamer should get to any of these locations, they should be ready to deal with some feral ghouls, and would also need to be careful of the non-friendly terrain.

After this, the player would need to search very thoroughly, because in this spot, there are lots of bot around. When a player heads towards this location in the fallout 76 game, they would be rewarded with three bags of cement. As stated earlier, scrapping the bags of cement would give the player some concrete.

4 other ways to get bag of cement for getting concrete

By trading with friends

Another interesting way that fallout 76 gamer can get some concrete is by trade items with other fallout 76 gamers. Since there are no NPCs in the fallout 76 game, the gamer might want to trade with friends or search for friendlies. Of a truth, there are other interesting spots where you can find some bags of cement.


A bag of cement used in getting concrete in the fallout 76 game is a junk item, and it is important for gamers to be well aware that if they scrap it, they would get 7 concrete.

By looking for it in CAMP concrete extractors and workshops

It is important to know that concrete does not grow out of the ground in a real life scenario, but in the fallout 76 gaming world, it does. A gamer can go ahead to set up an extractor that is one a deposit and use it to generate concrete in an automatic fashion.

The player would have no need to use chemicals to make what concrete usually consists of. As for the workshops, there are just a few of them that have a deposit, but you would get the best benefit out of placing your camp inside it. In the fallout 76 map, the player would find all the workshop locations marked out for the easy game life.

You can get concrete in an abandoned bog town

The fallout 76 gamer should be well aware that they can find an abandoned bog town on the far right of the. There is going to be a workshop there, and in that area, you would find at least 13 bags of cement. This is really very huge, given that you would get just 7 concrete units from one bag of cement as stated earlier in the game.

What this entails is that each visit of the gamer to an abandoned bog town would give off 91 units of concrete (7 units of concrete Multiplied by 13 bags of cement).

One sure-fire way for the fallout 76 gamer to find this area is to server hop. With server hopping into the abandoned bog town, the player would be able to build vast resources within a short time-frame.

There are also junk items that contain concrete

In the fallout game, identifying items that contain concrete is very much easy. It can be difficult for a player to find large chunks of concrete in the rubble. But in construction areas in fallout 76, there are few bags of cement that can be found. For some gamers, garden gnomes are going to be what they would find most often. Here is a list of items that you would find in a gnome:

  • One bag of cement
  • A blue garden gnome
  • Concrete scrap
  • Bulk concrete
  • Red garden gnome

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