Trending Gaming Topics on YouTube

Top 10 Trending Gaming Topics on YouTube in 2024 So Far

Other than the facebook and the twitch platform, which are popular places were games are streamed, Youtube is another that streamers turn to. There are some cool reasons why you might want to know the trending gaming topics on youtube for 2024. Maybe you want to go into affiliate marketing with the best games, or want to invest in epsorts, so want to know what buzzing? Or maybe you are just some curious gamer. Well in the course of this article, we would be elucidating on the 10 top trending game topics on youtube.


What is the relationship between YouTube and gaming?

A lot of game companies, in a bid to promote their games go on to create new and unique gaming content on youtube. This helps them to get more subscribers, more engagement, and thus more customers in buying or downloading their games.
Most of the trending gaming topics on youtube are Game reviews, Game vlog content, Gaming News, Gaming how-to videos, gaming live streaming, easter egg reveals, and even highlight of game glitches.

How do we know what the most trending Gaming topics on Youtube are?

There are tons of analytics tools that can be used to perform studies off some of the best search engines in the world. We at believe that Youtube is one of the best Video search engines that there is alongside other video hosting platforms. But it would take a great analytical tool to be able to research the queries that people make on Google-owned Youtube. According to YouTubes official blog, as of 2020, youtube gaming rose to 100 billion hours of watch time.

Some of the peaks are Ahrefs Keyword Generator tool, SemRush,, and so on and so forth. In the next subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at top trending gaming topics as elucidated by the Ahrefs Youtube Keyword research tool. We would be looking at the queries that gamers and Game streamers search on the Youtube platform, alongside its monthly search volume. Also worth noting is that the data is based on United States cyber users. We are not ranking these topics based on their watch time but based on the numeration of their monthly search queries. Without further mouthing let us delve in.

These are The Top Trending Gaming topics on youtube according to Ahrefs tool

Trending Gaming topics on youtube

Fortnite – 2 Million United states search volume

Fortnite is a very popular first-person shooter action game that gets a lot of viewership on the YouTube platform.  a lot of content creators have great videos roundabout “ how-to subjects”, in-game streaming, and highlights of glitches.  The number of people that type the word “ Fortnite”, on the YouTube video hosting platform every month according to data from ahrefs, is 2 Million. It is important to note that these statistics from ahrefs show the monthly volume of United States of America uses who use that search query.

Other related queries to the Fortnite keyword are as follows;

  • Fortnite funny moments – 157 k
  • Fortnite Item shop- 108k
  • Fortnite song – 104K
  • Fortnite live – 121k

Minecraft- 1.3 Million Monthly United states search volume

Minecraft is a very popular sandbox video game that was built with the Java programming language. The game was made its public appearance in May 2009 before its official release in November 201. Ever since its release, the Minecraft game has been ported to a lot of gaming platforms. The Minecraft video game is the best-selling game of all time and the second most searched query on the YouTube video hosting platform.  according to the ahrefs  YouTube keyword search tool, the word Minecraft is searched over 1.3 million times on youtube.

Other related search query off the “Minecraft” keywords are as follows;

  • Pewdiepie Minecraft-151k
  • Minecraft parody – 123k
  • Minecraft Music – 111k
  • Minecraft Survival – 69k
  • How to make minecraft server- 30k

Roblox – 736k United States Users per month according to Ahrefs

The ROBLOX game has the keyword “Roblox” Searched over 736k times per month.  it is an online gaming platform that features a nice game creation system. The Roblox game is like none other on the planet. It is important to note that the ROBLOX game is a free-to-play game that has in-app purchases that run with its virtual currency called “Robux”. Did you know that the ROBLOX game has over 164 million monthly active users outside of the YouTube platform, and it is a game that is being played by over half of all the children under the age of 16 in the United States of America? Also worth noting is the fact that the ROBLOX game  has been sold up to 200  million copies.

Apex Legends – 552K


Another interesting game that gets a lot of viewership in the YouTube video hosting platform is Apex Legends. the keyword “Apex Legend” is being searched 552k  times per month. This search query is usually used by gamers or Apex Legend fandom that wants to enjoy live-action or just people that are making “how-to queries on things they need to resolve about the game.

The Apex Legend game is a game that is being featured in the most popular consoles on the planet. A wanna-be Apex Legend gamer can enjoy some game time with the Xbox console, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One. The developers of the game have scheduled to make a full release of the game on the Android and iOS platforms by 2022.

The gameplay of Apex Legends is quite interesting; no wonder the game has a lot of viewership on the YouTube video hosting platform. Before an apex legend match, the gamers will form two or three players Squads and then select pre-designed characters that have different abilities known as Legends. In the Apex legends game, two distance gameplay modes.

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League of Legends – 395k

An interesting gaming topic that has a lot of viewership on YouTube is League of Legends. This is a multiplayer online battle arena video game that was released way back in 2009. Since its release, it has been able to rack up a lot of game sales and a strong fandom. On the YouTube video hosting platform, it won’t be wrong to assert that the game has monthly trends. It could be gamers who enjoy streaming in-game live action from streamers or people who are just making queries that are related to the League of Legends. The monthly search volume of the League of Legends query according to the Ahrefs tool is 395k per month.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare- 236k

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare video game is a game that has more than four installments series. since 2008 which is its time of release, the game has been able to sell over 30 million copies worldwide. It has interesting gameplay that features a lot of action-riden graphics. It is important for a gamer to be well aware that the Call of Duty Modern Warfare game in any of its installments is available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the very popular Nintendo switch.

The monthly search volume of the keyword “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” on the YouTube video hosting platform is 236,000 American users.

Hearthstone – 111k

There are not many football games that are trending on the YouTube platform. One interesting free-to-play online digital collectible card game that has a lot of search queries per month is Hearthstone.  Hearthstone is an interesting card game that was created by the company known as Blizzard entertainment. The Hearthstone game was released back in March 2014 and is available on the Microsoft Windows gaming platform, macOS, Android, and iOS. it is one of the few games on the planet that support cross-platform play what this means is that a gamer who is using a different device and play with another gamer who is using another different device.

The number of monthly searches of the keyword “Hearthstone” on YouTube is 111,000.

Rocket League – 103 k

The rocket league game is a vehicular football game that was released back in 2016. It is important to note that the rocket league game is available in most gaming devices and platforms such as Nintendo switch, Xbox one, Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and Microsoft windows. The monthly numbers of Youtubers that make the “Rocket League” query on Nintendo are 103,000 in number.

Dota 2

In our list, this is the least trending gaming topic as it has just 84k searchers on youtube every month.  It is an interesting Multiplayer online battle arena game that has attracted a large following since its release. Just like the Rocket league game, it was built by the Blizzard entertainment group.


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