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10 Most Watched Games on Twitch in 2024 So Far

Here is our collection of Most Watched Games on Twitch today. Twitch is a streaming platform that was not originally designed for streaming video games. The usage of the platform was the backbone of the concept known as lifecasting. When the twitch platform was founded back in 2007, it was a spin-off of Today features a lot of games with loads of watch time.


Since the birth of the Twitch streaming platform, it has had up to 241 billion minutes in streaming. In the course of this article, we would be looking at the most watched games on the Twitch channel 2024.

Here are the 10 Most Watched Games on Twitch in 2024 So Far


1. Just Chatting

Topping our list of most viewed game on the twitch channel in 2021 is the Game known as “Just Chatting”. It is a game that tops the channel with 202, 365, 548 (two hundred and two million, three hundred and sixty five thousand, five hundred and eight).

The languages that are used in broadcasting the number one most streamed game on twitch are English, Espanyol, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian. The game is not just becoming increasingly popular on the twitch platform but is also growing immensely on Facebook, and youtube.

2. League of Legends

The second most watched game in the twitch streaming platform is the league of legends with a total watch time accrued over 30 days being 146, 084, 500. It is important to note that the top broadcast languages of the game on the twitch platform are; Portuguese, Espanola, Korean, English, and Deutsch. The league of legends game is a interesting game with all its game modes engineered to destroy the enemy Nexus.

The game is very popular among a lot of esports viewers on the twitch platform. It is not a thing of surprise that the league of legends game has garnered over 100 million views from august till now.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

This is an interesting game that was developed by Rockstar games. It is an open world action and adventure video game that made its debut to the gaming community in 2013. The average watch time of the grand theft auto 5 game from August till October 2021 is 131, 060, 573. It is important for a twitch streamer to know that the broadcast languages of the Grand theft auto V game arel; Deutsch, Portuguese, English Espanol, and French.

4. New World


Twitch is an amazon owned streaming platform, and New world is interestingly an Amazon owned game. It was released recently back in September 28, 2021. It is an interesting MMO game that is only available on PC . The New world game can be purchased from Amazon games at the cost of $49.9. Since August 2021 till October 2021, the New world game has had an average watch time of 93, 658, 958.

5. Valorant

The 5th most streamed game on our list of most watched twitch game is Valorant. It has an average watch time of 71, 554, 147 hours. The valorant game is a game that took the esports world by storm a few years back. It is a game that features a lot of players with different customizable skins. The languages that the Volarant game is most streamed in the twitch platform are English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Korean.

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6. Minecraft

Minecraft is an interesting video game that has game mechanics that allows players to create and break apart different blocks in three dimensional worlds. The Minecraft is a popular game that features two intriguing game modes, the survival, and the creative modes. The game also has a setting where the gamer interacts with block-like mobs or creatures that are moving. As a Minecraft gamer, it is possible to even go ahead and create all kinds of blocks if you so wish.

7. Dota 2

Another interesting game that is gaining a lot of traction on twitch is Dota 2. It is a MOBA( multiplayer battle arena) based game that features over a hundred Dota heroes in a 5v5 team clash. The best thing about this popular 7th most streamed video game is that it is totally free to play.  The average watch time of the Dota 2 game on the Twitch streaming platform is 65, 587, 341 hours.

8. Fifa 22

A lot of eager gamers have the Fifa 22 game on their wishlist, and some already have it on their consoles and PC. It is the 8th most streamed game on the Twitch platform. The Fifa 22 game has an average watch time in hours of 64, 793, 861. It was the coronavirus that caused the delay of the Fifa 22 game, but since its release, it has been gaining a lot of traction in the twitch platform.

9. Counter Strike: Global offensive

This is an interesting first-person shooter game that features two teams; Counter-terrorists, and terrorists. With one of the most common game mode being terrorists implanting a bomb while the counter-terrorists plan to stop them.  This is the 9th most streamed game that you would see being streamed on the Twitch platform. It is a game that boasts an average watch time of 55, 764, 170.

10. Apex Legends

10th on our list of Most Watched Games on Twitch is Apex Legends. It is a free hero shooter game that allows contenders from the frontier to team up in a bid to battle for glory.


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