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The 10 Most Popular Gamers on YouTube 2023

It would not be wrong to assert that gaming is currently a very popular streaming genre on youtube. But one question that keepings bugging the gaming community is; who amongst the talented game content creators is the best gamer and has more subscribers? Here we go.


There are a lot of lucrative genres o youtube that is flooding with a lot of creators that are bent on creating good content for their dedicated fans. Most of the data that we use to churn out facts for you, comes from the Youtube official blog. And according to them, there are over 40 active gaming channels that have generated not less than 150 Billion watch time since 2020 till date. With so many channels out there creating the best binge-worthy gaming content, it might be hard for you to single out the 10 best Gamers on youtube 2023.

That is why in the course of this article, we would be looking at the best gaming content creators in the gaming genre based on their number of subscribers.

Here we go with the 10 Most Popular Gamers on YouTube in 2023;

10. VanossGaming – 25.5 Million

Evang Fong is the content creator that is behind the popular VanossGaming channel. He is a Canadian Youtube gamer that streamlines his content round about the gameplay of Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. One common thing about the 10th placed Youtube gmaer is that he likes to collaborate with other content creators that usually appear alongside him in his video game commentaries.

Some of the most interesting commentaries of Evan’s on Youtube include H2ODelirious and Ohmwrecker. This has turned out to be his signature verbosing since he started uploading video game content way back in 2011.

9. MikeCrack – 26.9 Million Youtube subscribers

This is an interesting gamer that is based in Spain. He started his game streaming channel way back in 2015. His content usually revolves around popular games such as Fortnite, Free Fire, Roblox, and Minecraft. He mostly shows his face on his youtube channel but the viewers see him through an animated dog that he superimposes.

He likes to do videos with gameplay about Minecrafts Many caves and cliffs and likes to make an effort to use sarcasm and jokes to keep viewers entertained. What makes the mikecrack channel interesting is the dog character.

8. Total Gaming – 27.1 Million Subscribers

Ajay is an Indian that is behind the very popular gaming channel called Total Gaming. It is a relatively new channel and has been booming with watch time and subscribers since 2018.

The Gaming content of Ajay usually revolves round about the gameplay of popular games such as; Call of duty Mobile, PUBG, Free Fire, and Grand Theft Auto V.


From 2018 till date, the gamer content creator has uploaded more than 1500 videos till date.

7. Jacksepticeye – 27.3 Million Subscribers

This is the channel that belongs to the 7th best Youtube gamer on the planet. The channel is run by a successful Irish content creator known as “Sean William McLoughlin”. One of his crazy punclines is “Top of the Mornin’ to ya ladies! My name is jacksepticeye”. His gaming video content usually has this high energy and excitement through it. In his content, he likes to use commentary style gameplay content, and that has proved to be a huge success for his gaming channel.

It is important for you to know that this 7th placed youtube channel started way back in 2012. The most popular games that he likes to stream on his channel are Evil Franchise, and Among Us.

6. Markiplier – 29.8 Million subscribers

This 6th place youtube gaming channel is run by Hawaiian-born Mark Edward Fischbach. He kickstarted his gaming channel on the popular gaming platform back in 2012. He likes to feature horror games, collaborations with other popular content creators, and charity live streams.

One signature of his content is his pink mustache which is part of his Youtube channel branding.

5. Vegetta777 – 32.6 Million subscribers

Midway through our list of the Most Popular Gamers on YouTube is Vegetta777. This channel is run by popular Spanish YouTuber, Samuel De Luque who flaunts the nickname VEGETTA777. He started his youtube which is one of the most successful gaming channels back in 2008. Samule De Luque likes to revolve his gaming content round about popular games like Minecraft, BattleField, and Saint’s Row.

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4. ElurbiusOMG – 40 Million Subscribers

Ruben Doblas Gundersen is the big man behind the ElurbuisOMG channel. Did you know that this fourth-placed best Youtube gamer also known as El Rubius has been creating gaming content since 2011? Some of his best work include; Best Fortnite collaborations, events, skins, and more. He also seasonally hosts some live events that are dedicated specially to the video game. He usually uses a vlog style in dishing out his content to his subscribers.

3. Fernanfloo – 42.6 million Subscribers

Luis Fernando Flores Alvardo is a Salvador-based game streamer that is 3rd placed in our list of best youtube gamers 2021. Dude went on to make a name for himself, by adding humor to his gaming content, and this has caused his followers to spike here and there.

He is also a twitch streamer, as he spends time on YouTube; he also gives off some time for the Twitch streaming platform. The popular games that have been streamed by this YouTuber include; Five Nights at Freddy’s and Resident Evil.

2. JuegaGerman – 44 Million Subscribers

German Alejandro Garmendia Aranis is a very successful Chilean-based Youtuber. He likes to cover a good list of binge-worthy games on his channel that features over 44 million subscribers. One of the reasons why his channel is very successful is because of his use of humorous commentaries. His gameplay streams feature the likes of Far Cry 5, Minecraft, and Last of Us.

1. PewDiePie – 110 million Subscribers

Topping our list of the Most Popular Gamers on YouTube is the PewDiePie youtube channel that features exclusive gaming content. It is a channel that is run by a Swedish game content creator known as Felix Arvid Ulf Kjekkberg. This channel kicked off way back in 2010 and since then, it has been growing immensely thanks to the quality content on the channel suits that fandom of the channel. It is important to note that the PewDiePie channel has Pioneered a lot of interesting formats that most upcoming game streamers use in both twitch and youtube today. He likes to use a combo of witty humor, good gaming skills, and Lets play-style videos.


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