Fallout 76 What to Bulk

10 Best Fallout 76 Items to Bulk in 2024

Did you know that the vending machines in fallout 76 can turn your CAMP into a busy trading depot? It is now left for the player to know the best item to sell in fallout 76. It is important to note that money is a constant concern in the fallout 76 video game. One of the best solutions to this problem is to own a vending machine in the game. When you have the right items in the right locations, a player can earn at least thousands of caps every day. Imagine this ever booming business model.


Most of the time, caps in the game are just used to offload things that a player does not want. But for Fallout 76 players that want to make profits with what pays, here are the 10 best items to bulk sell in the game.

10 Best Fallout 76 Items to Bulk in 2024

1. Ammo


This is the number item to sell I fallout 76. It is best suited for fallout 76 players that make use of ranged weapons. That market populace just includes every fallout 76 players. It is better to spend more on nearby ammo than to lose time traveling to a merchant to buy ammo.

All the same, it is the most traded item in the game and is the best thing you can sell for a profit in fallout 76.

2. Legendary Weapons

Legendary Weapons
Getting legendary weapons in the game is the ultimate aim of most fallout 76 players. With the right weapons, they can make boss runs, quests, and farming with ease. This is one of the reasons why legendary weapons are always in high demand for an average player.

3. Plans

A “plan” item is used in fallout 76 to produce weapons and even C.A.M.P items. A lot of players usually indulge in making their own armor for their own good. A fallout 76 player can make a fortune of caps by mint selling plans to DIYers in areas that are rich with materials. If you sell plans that are related to items that are hard to find in fallout, you would make a  serious profit.

4. Outfits

Outfits are another interesting item that can be sold for profit in the fallout 76 video game. A player can sell an entirely different story that would make one puzzle. The best site where this item is marketable in the fallout 76 game is combat zones.

5. Recipes

Just like most of the entrepreneurs that sold shovels in the gold rush, players can make a caps fortune by selling recipes.
With the aid of a recipe in the fallout 76 game, a player can craft anything they want. The most valuable recipes in the game are those that appear during events. Some players accumulate a few of these without the intention to use them after the events are over.

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6. Stimpaks

This is an item that is meant for players that wish to monetize their crafting. The Stimpaks item is a valuable way to earn cool caps in the game. It is important to note that the stimpaks item is always in high demand by other players. It helps players to regain their health in a battle. When you have a vending machine that is close to a high combat area, this is the best item to sell.

7. Disease Cures


Disease Cures
It is important to note that the wastelands of Fallout 76 is a very filthy place and can infect player that has a foul disease. It can also be inconvenient as it can mess up the stats of a healthy player.

When a player becomes diseased in the game from eating spoilt food or fighting diseased creatures, they would need this item to survive. This is why in the fallout 76 game,  the item is very marketable.

When a player buys this item in the game, they can use it to remove the diseases that are affecting their game characters.

8. Mutation Serums

Mutation Serums
Mutation serums are an interesting way by which players can tweak and modify the abilities of a character in other to gain more power. There are at least 18 different types of mutation in the fallout 76 game. And a player can take advantage of this in any aspect of their game to fight for food consumption.

When you sell this item in the fallout 76 game, you would have some tangible upfront investment that can cost the player up to 23 thousand caps per piece.

9. Magazines

This is another saleable item in fallout 76 that has some helpful temporary buff. They are used to give fallout 76 gamers some extra healing, Rad resistance, and greater damage. Most of the time, it is utilized in the game to give a player some edge over an enemy. It can also be used for efficient farming in video games.

It is important to note that Magazines are sold in the game’s high combat areas. However, sourcing for this item in the game can take some time.  In the fallout 76 game, there are over 100 copies of magazines to collect.

10. Special Junk

Special Junk
Special junk in the fallout 76 video game can be defined as items that have no tangible use. They are either too rare or not unique enough to be collected or hoarded. These items are basically colorful, strange, funny, and unique items that don’t come into scene very much in the game.

One good example of special junk that fallout 76 players can sell in the game is Teddy bears. In the fallout 76 game, there are over eleven variants of the bear in the game.

Most of the time, players are just looking to round up their junk collections or just want to use their caps to get some teddy bear.


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