Evil 7 Lockpick Locations

Resident Evil 7 Lockpick Locations and Where to Use Them

The Resident Evil 7 Lockpick is the of the most useful items when it comes to exploration. As you play through the game’s many locations, you’ll come across many locked drawers and a prompt to use an item to open it. If you have a Lockpick, select it and open it up.


RE7 lockpick

Not all RE7 lockpick locations are as gross as this. While there are an equal number of Lockpicks and locked drawers, you may want to open some sooner than others depending on the item you need. For completionists, it’s also where you find two Antique Coins.

The marked spots on map of the wrecked ship point at all the important locations, secrets, and items, i.e. Ancient Coins, Mr Everywhere Statues, Lockpicks, or Med-kits.

0  3 3
Salt Mines
[M3] Testing Area

  • 1 – MPM Pistol
  • 2 – Fuse
  • 3 – Place of montage the fuse to open the doors
  • 4 – Backpack
  • 5 – Knife
  • 6 – Key to the locker in captain’s cabin on 4F.
  • 7 – Cable (required to repair an elevator)
  • 8 – PC with cameras view, from where you’ll find Ethan.
  • 9 – Location map
  • 10 – Machine pistol locked in the locker (you’ll find the key in a lower floor).
  • 11 – Wrench to open the hatch in elevator.

Note – the contents of some of the chests and containers might be slightly different.

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The Wrecked Ship is the last location in which you’ll encounter riddles and gather items and resources (you begin empty handed), including weapons such as the MPM Handgun and M19 Machine Gun. To find some of the valuables, you’ll need corrosives, which can be used to dissolve the locks. Mind the Antique Coins – while the Wrecked Ship doesn’t contain access to the shop, the final stage (Salt Mine) creates one final opportunity to spend them.

Below you can find secrets, their locations and how to get them:

23: Jim’s Letter

The letter can be found on top of a bunk bed on 1F (lower right corner of the map).

24: Giovanni’s Will

This note can also be found on 1F, inside of the room located in the middle, on top of one of the tables.

25: Mechanic’s Memo


The note is located in the elevator.

26: Orders

The orders can be found in the room where you start as Mia. You can collect this treasure both in the past, as well as in the present (safe house on 2F).

27: Tattered Secret Document

This last document on the ship can be found near the elevator shaft on 4F, inside of a green chest.

15. Antique coins

Once inside the wrecked ship, head deeper inside. Wait for the vision of the past (second one) with two mechanics to finish and head into a narrow passage between pipes. Turn right on the fork and continue to the end – the coin will be easy to spot.

16.  The chest

The chestwith the coin you’re looking for can be found on 3F floor, in the room with the computer. You need to find a lockpick to open it. Head to the north-eastern part of the 2F floor, enter the room and climb up the ladder. A lockpick will be hidden inside of a small orange chest.

This coin can be found after you’ve seen Eveline on top of the stairs and you will go into a small flooded room with two ladders. Stick to the left wall and keep looking at the water – you won’t see the treasure, but you will be asked whether you want to pick it up.

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17. Mr. Everywhere Statuettess

This statuette can be found on 2F deck, at the place where you’ve collected the lockpick for the antique coin. Head to the small room with a ladder, located in the north-eastern part of the deck and head upstairs. The statuette will be right in front of the ladder.

18. The last coin in the game is hidden in this chest

The last coin can be collected after you’ve resolved the puzzles on the upper deck and descended to S2. Behind the engine room door, below the stairs, you will find a chest with a lock that can be destroyed with acid – the coin is hidden behind it.


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