20 Tips on how to do Twice as many Tasks in a Week

The phrase “time is money” is more relevant than ever these days. Energy and productivity help you make more money.
Today’s world is very diverse. Social media helps people make a lot of money, online essay editor can help students do their homework better, and how-to’s and tic-tac-toe’s help students grow and develop faster. Feeling like you’re missing something to be effective at your job? Read our 20 productivity tips.


1. Focus on one task

Time and time again, we talk about how focusing on one task will get you done faster and better. Our brains don’t work well in multitasking mode.

2. Learn to say no.

Only learning to say no will save you time, health, money, and make you happy.

3. Plan your productivity

A productive week starts with a Monday morning and a clear plan of action. No doubt you will have unforeseen things to do, but a plan will always keep you on track. If you know you tend to get distracted at work, a routine for the week is a must.

4. Finish the work week early.

Plan your major tasks to be done by Thursday evening. And Friday should be spent on tasks that came up unexpectedly.

5. Every morning is a bitter pill.

Start each morning with the task you want to do the least. Then the rest of the day will be easy and joyful.

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6. Find an observer for yourself.

We all work much more efficiently if we know that someone is watching the speed and quality of our work. If your supervisor isn’t watching you closely enough to inspire you to accomplish feats, make a deal with a colleague, circulate your to-do list for the week and let him or her take an occasional interest in how things are going for you.

7. Play the comparison game

Don’t compare yourself to others, but compare the methods you and successful colleagues use at work. Look for ideas and acquire good habits by observing others.

8. Finality is better than perfection.

The pursuit of perfection is a noble impulse. But perfectionism is the greatest enemy of productivity; only laziness is worse. Are you sure that for your business will be better if you do not do 100 tasks per week, but 15, but just flawless from your point of view? Do you need that flawlessness?

9. Start working earlier.

The earlier you start working, the more you’ll get done. Learn to get up early, eat breakfast, and solve some personal problems before the workday begins. The fewer problems you have in your head, the more efficiently you can work.

10. Schedule time for rest.


Work well and rest well, but don’t mix one with the other. During work, devote yourself entirely to tasks, and on the weekend completely forget about business. You and your brain need a break.

11. Put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

You should have a time when no one will distract you. Mark it on your work calendar or even put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door. 99% of things can wait until you’re done with one important task.

12. Work in intervals.

No one can stay productive all day long. Work in intervals: 25 minutes for active work, 5 minutes for rest. Don’t let the breaks feel like they’re throwing you off your pace. You’ll end up getting more done and feeling better.

13. Be ruthless with yourself.

Did you do this task as efficiently as you could? Always ask yourself, “Could I do it faster and better?” Always look for options, ideas, and methods to be more productive.

14. Do what you do best

If there is someone who can do a task better and faster than you, delegate it. Spend more time doing what you know how to do best, or what no one else can do but you.

15. Look back on the past week.

At the end of each week, take time to analyze the results you achieved. Think about what you could have done better, faster, more interesting.

16. Turn off notifications.

When you’re focused on a work task, don’t be distracted by correspondence. Turn off notifications in chats and emails for those recipients who can wait. When you’re actively working on a task, only important calls should reach you.

17. Know how to prioritize.

Think like an emergency physician: what needs to be done right now, urgently? Choose a task and focus on it completely. The rest can wait.

18. Set up automatic payments.

We get distracted from our work thoughts by current ones: we need to pay the rent/credit/internet. Set up automatic payments. This way you relieve your head of unnecessary junk.

19. Create a “once a day” list.

Many things require your attention only once a day. Two at most. For example, checking your email and Facebook feed. Put these things on your list. Constantly remind yourself that the tasks on the list only need to be done once and no more.

20. Don’t beat yourself up early.

It takes time to change. Strive for perfection, work proactively, but remember that you can’t become productive in one week. You need some time.


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