Top 10 Student TV Series you should Watch

When college life is getting boring and tiresome, a nice series can make life brighter. Check out the list of the most engaging and appealing items students adore.


Top Student TV Series

If you ask a college student what life at the campus is like, you will hear the most different responses. Some learners will single out challenging tasks and regular “write paper for me cheap and fast” requests, while others will focus on the social life and an ability to learn from the representatives of various cultures and places. At the same time, it is inevitable to mention that the only thing that unites learners is not a quality essay help platform or other beneficial online services, but they love to series.

No matter if you work hard during the day, you will surely relish some time watching another episode of your favorite series. This is the most relaxing and enjoyable time during the day for most learners, as they can finally forget about tough lessons and complicated assignments they have to work on. Besides, one should remember that watching series with the roommate or other students on the campus is an excellent way to socialize and set a favorable atmosphere.

Are you excited about an opportunity to enjoy an interesting episode of your favorite series? Do not miss your chance to opt for the best one. The choice will not be easy, as there are lots of different options to consider. However, the struggle is 100% real, and it will take a bit of your time and effort to select the best option for your quality pastime.

How to Choose the Most Interesting Series for Students

It is inevitable to mention that college students frequently lack time, as they have to work hard for their academic success. Additionally, some learners need to work part-time to cover basic college-related expenses. Anyway, they have little chance to relax and enjoy life around them. Fortunately, there is an unlimited number of online platforms you can address, asking, “Please, write an essay for me,” and true professionals will get their job done. This way you will have enough time for anything you want.

Some learners choose to browse the Udemy platform and start a new course, mastering their academic skills and gaining new knowledge, while others are 100% ready to lay down and spend quality time watching their favorite TV series.
Do you relate yourself to the last ones? Here are a few most impressive items for you to consider:

1. Grey’s Anatomy

The students of medical colleges will adore the drama, as the events here take place in the hospital, where surgeons work hard saving people’s lives. The main character here is a resident of the hospital, Meredith Grey, her career and relations with her husband, who works in the same clinic. Interesting and complicated medical cases, stories of human relations, and personal dramas of the doctors are depicted in each episode, making it intriguing and appealing.

2. Fresh Meat

This is another series that will never leave students indifferent, especially when it comes to freshmen. The episodes talk about the lives of six learners who share a house. Although you will not hear many recommendations on how to succeed with college assignments, you will surely learn a lot about social life and interaction with other students.

3. Gossip Girl


The series is a real treasure for female students, who relish intrigues, secrets, and gossip. However, it is inevitable to admit that a considerable number of males are also into the episodes. The movie tells about privileged teenagers and their college life. Every time a new secret is being revealed, making their relations either more challenging or simpler.

4. Coach

The series is comparatively old, but they remain relevant and interesting for up-to-date learners. There are nine seasons of this thrilling series, which will be enough for quite a while. The episodes focus on the life of a college football coach who strives to make the team shine.

5. Breaking Bad

Are you tired of spending your free time watching boring and trivial series? This time you will be impressed to follow the transformation of a diligent Chemistry teacher into a dangerous criminal. Being diagnosed with cancer, Walter White decides to take the maximum of life. He starts a completely new life filled with drugs and crime.

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6. A Different World

College students, who enjoy serious TV series that reveal important topics, like racism, AIDS, riots, and others, should pay due attention to A Different World. You will never see more realistic and relevant episodes that talk about the realities of college life.

7. Friends

Did you have a tiresome and exacting day at college? It is the right time to relax and enjoy a nice comedy about friends living their best lives. There are ten seasons of the show so that you will never be bored.

8. Pretty Little Liars

An American teen drama will help you dive into the life of college students. The story is filled with secrets and gossip. Once the group of students disappears, their secrets are getting unraveled, attracting the attention of people around.

9. Suits

The story of a successful law firm changes the moment Mike Ross starts working here. A man is exceptionally intelligent and well-educated, even though he does not have legal credentials. Will his little secret be revealed?

10. House of Cards

The political drama has become one of the most appealing series among college students, as it deals with important topics that can change people’s lives.


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