5 Classic TV Shows that Depict Love and Romance without Any Artifice

Love is the best feeling in the whole world. It’s considered the most powerful force. Because of that, people love everything that includes love. TV shows are no exception. Ladies adore watching love comedies and, above all, romantic shows where love conquers everything and everybody. But, nowadays, the audience wants more realistic plots. They need something relatable, a TV show where they’ll be able to identify with actors or the story. The idea of a relationship where both persons have real-life problems appeals to both man and woman. Producers and screenwriters recognized this need and started making TV shows where love and romance are more realistic. Keep on reading and find out which shows occupied the time and minds of ladies around the world.


Mass Culture as a Reflection of Real-life Situations

Mass culture affects the lives of ordinary people more than we understand it at first glance. TV shows are dictating how people dress, talk, and act. Many single women decide to find local hookups online after seeing how many characters from TV shows enjoy casual dating. Looking at member’s activity on the site makes it clear that TV shows don’t just shape the lives of their viewers.

TV shows are copying real-life situations. Millions worldwide are engaging in casual relationships; millions are in imperfect relationships. Creators of TV shows know that. So they make shows with kinda realistic plots because viewers bond with characters they can relate to.

Classic and Guilty Pleasure Shows that are Upfront on Love Life

There are different shows for different situations. While supernatural TV shows depict worlds we can only imagine, the shows below describe the true face of love and our world. That’s the reason why they’re so popular. Nothing beats raw and unfiltered emotions and situations. The audience got fed up with perfect love stories that happen only in fairytales. They want the real thing, a love story with its ups and downs, with fights and tears. The need to connect has never been greater than these days.

Here’s a list of 5 classic TV shows that will get anybody glued to their sofas and TVs;

1. Desperate Housewives

This classic nail-biter started way back in 2004. The audience instantly got hooked on the 4 housewives and their intriguing lives. They’re very different from each other, so it’s easier to relate to one of them, or maybe all of them. They all led regular lives until their close friend committed suicide.

Gabrielle, Bree, Lynette, and Susan deal with their marriages and affairs constantly going through mysterious events. The show lasted for 8 seasons and ended in 2012.


2. The Affair

The Affair describes love, infidelity, and marriage in 5 seasons. Descriptions of the emotions are grounded and raw. No wonder the audience craved new episodes each week. The show follows Noah’s and Alison’s relationship from the beginning in a diner where Alison worked.

Each episode has two points of view. Noah and some by Allison narrate some stories. That way of filming shows how people remember the same situations differently.

3. Gossip Girl

The main characters in this show are privileged teenagers who have grown-up problems. An anonymous blogger, Gossip Girl, tells the story. She’s revealing secrets about teens from the upper east side of New York and making their lives a living hell.

Everything revolves around Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen, ex-best friends who start a rivalry. Both of them have boyfriends, but the return of Serena shakes up Blair’s perfect relationship. That’s when her life starts collapsing, and we see what it’s like to be a rich teen in New York.

4. Easy

This Chicago-based TV show follows several characters trying to survive life issues like love, relationships, and marriages. Easy is a microscopic portrayal of modern love. Each episode is good as a standalone. The series follows a married couple, a relationship that started as a hookup. Real people and situations inspired characters, so it’s easy to understand why the series was hot for 3 years (2016-2019).

5. Sex and the City

We all know about Carrie Bradshaw. She’s a sexual anthropologist who explores all aspects of modern love in a newspaper column. Her observations are based on her personal life, as well as her friends’. Four of them are active participants in the New York dating scene.

As we follow their turbulent love lives, we get to know each of them. Carrie is a columnist, Miranda is stubborn, Charlotte is naive, and Samantha is sexually adventurous. Sex and the city celebrates women and their bond of friendship, which is why this show ruled our TV screens from 1998 to 2004.


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