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10 Best Warframe Characters 2024, Ranked from Best to Good

So, we’ve decided to come up with a collection of Best Warframe Characters. Most frames are useful in one situation or another. But some Warframes stand above the pack for their powerful abilities and utility across a wide variety of mission types. Many may argue as per which of their favorite characters should make the list and which shouldn’t. So, what is the best warframe character? Below is our list of the Best Warframe Characters present.


Here are the 10 Best Warframe Characters in 2024


1. Saryn

Saryn, a former mercenary from the Spirit Lancer clan, fights with two sets of weapons to protect her allies. A pair of Longswords and a pair of Shortswords allow her to use close-range tactics in a pinch. In the Mantis Frame, Saryn can fire her dual rifles at all ranges. In addition to shooting, Saryn can also charge with her large glowing mantis arm.
The charge power can block projectiles and can also be used to add her to the dash. The dash can be used to move quickly over short distances. A double jump allows Saryn to jump a short distance, and she can make a wall jump to reach higher areas. Pionus Pionus is a witch from the Hell Eaters clan. His moveset involves different types of hexes and witch sticks. Pionus can slow, stun, or knock his foes down.

2. Mesa

The Mesa, on the Plains of Eidolon, was the first Warframe we ever played in the series. She was one of the two Standard Warframes in the game at the time, along with Sigma, and as such, she was the starting model in the launch of the game. For me, Mesa was a bit of a bane because, despite the draw distance problems, I was more than capable of using her to take out foes from a distance, but she was easily stopped from reaching those foes.
When I eventually decided to make some updates, I added a range slider that extended her field of view across much of the map, giving me a better chance to catch my enemies in my crosshairs. This led to a spike in her popularity, as users could see through the fog of war better.

3. Octavia

Octavia, also known as Inferus-7, is a cool new addition to the Warframe family. Octavia has a jetpack on her back, which allows her to fly for short distances. The increased mobility she gets from this provides the same tactical advantages as a parachute. She also has a strong, defense-sponging melee attack that can stun nearby enemies and shields with a sharp swipe.
Her armor allows her to absorb most attacks, though not attacks with high enough armor values. Her main attack is called “Soaring Slash”, which hits enemies from above. Her unique perk is “Mirror Damage”. As her shield depletes, her weapon increases in power. While Octavia herself is not particularly strong or useful, the perk for her weapon adds an intriguing layer of strategy to fights.

4. Excalibur

If you have a fondness for giant badass robots, then you’ll want to take a good look at Excalibur. This frame starts off with an incredibly powerful gun (which it can use in any orientation), but it’s much more than that. To use Excalibur, you must load it with energy from a pair of keystones. It then uses your gun to cause massive beams of energy to damage the enemies surrounding you.
You can then return to your gun, hold down the shot key, and cause an explosion that deals extra damage to the now damaged enemy. This process is fun and simple, but it will allow you to slowly dispatch large groups of enemies with ease. In addition, since Excalibur acts like a shield and health bar, it’s very useful for preventing enemies from sticking you or flanking you.

5. Wisp


Sitting at number 5 is one of best character in warframe at the moment. The Level 90 class in Warframe, the Wisp is one of the main reasons for the game’s original release. Wisp kits allow players to trigger other Warframes from within a user’s body, a unique talent that adds some much needed complexity to the game.
If the Level 90 frame doesn’t have enough firepower for you, the Wisp has the ability to cause a siphon gas cloud that can damage nearby enemies, or summon a living shadow for a brief period of time. You can even combine the Wisp to inflict debilitating damage to a single target, increasing its utility as an effective tank in your arsenal. Mug’O Cane I won’t lie to you, this Warframe is absolutely bonkers.

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6. Khora

Leaving the Subspace Protectorate means stepping into a violent alternate universe that the Subspace Ports guild has formed with an estranged ally. You will work alongside your former guildmates as you explore the galaxies and fight on the frontlines to maintain peace.
It’s one of the most punishing Warframes in the game, but if you’re up for a challenge you can swap out your weapon type with weapons like a rocket launcher to ensure you come out on top. Ether Raptor Raptors are vicious creatures that worship the Cycle God, the ant-like alien known as Nemesis. The Griffin was an often-used option in Warframe’s early days, but the Raptor has been making a lot more appearances in the last few years, thanks to its higher fire rate and insane aerial mobility.

7. Nova Prime

Nova Prime is one of Warframe’s most mysterious and powerful frames. It’s really no wonder as she can take on any enemy with an aura of blue energy. She’s pretty much everywhere and can do everything, from healing to damage to powerful offensive strikes. She’s a great all-around frame. Gnat Prime Gnat Prime has tons of health and can heal a frame or their ally for the cost of getting a hit in yourself. This is great for surviving groups of enemies and maintaining control of the field. While not powerful in and of itself, she’s quite the tank to support your team with her healing and protection.

8. Rhino

While the Warframes are generally of varied construction, the Rhino is the most alien-looking, blending design elements of both rhinos and mechs. It uses small arms and a power weapon to attack enemies. Like many Warframes, it’s useful for both hunting and capturing opponents. It’s also the only frame that can double as a mobile turret.
Gaijin Raider The Raiders are the perfect craft to back when you’re exploring the battlefield without using cover. The melee combat is also quite good. Unfortunately, it does not have a ton of utility outside of that. But the Raider has excellent handling and can make short work of most enemies. Gungnir While it may not be as powerful as the Warframe you’re currently playing, it is useful for when you’re getting into a battle and need to do damage.

9. Inaros

Playable in Hard Core Inaros is the starting Warframe and favorite in the Titans clan. Players often seek him out for a certain set of set bonuses he gives in Hard Core, but the sheer potency of his gear is worth the early investment. Players can power up Inaros and equip his gear through Palaces, and he provides for reliable offense across all the game’s Missions.
Lurk Playable in Lost Missions Lurk is a purely defensive and healable Warframe who can also take on multiple types of combat, allowing players to act as backup to teammates. Lurk is less useful at distance from the front line, but his energy shields and increased damage output make him a good option if you’re in the thick of a fight and need a healer in the thick of the fight.

10. Wukong

May be last on our list but certainly one of the best warframe characters. Wukong is the strongest Warframe by default. He wields a fiery barbed scepter that blasts enemies with ice and sends balls of fire and ice flying at them. This could be considered a short-range ability, but as long as he has a good landing, he can unload a bunch of damage in a small amount of time. If he already knows where his target is going, he can even use it to surprise them with an immovable pillar of flame.
Not only is Wukong the strongest Warframe by default, he’s also easily the easiest to use. All you need to do is hold down the right trigger and walk around. All of the other abilities are still available if you’re on a slippy ground, but since walking is a basic action, that’s no problem. Also, there are two easier to trigger skills available, but that’s about it.


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