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10 Best Crate in Rocket League 2024

A crate in rocket league game can be defined as a game mechanic were special item drops contain exclusive bodies, goal explosions, and decals.


It can be seen as a loot system that is necessary for free-to-play games. With this loot system in rocket league, players can be encouraged to spend money. It is important for a rocket league to know that crates are no longer available as of December 2019.

With all that being established, let us look at the 10 best crates that a player would find in rocket league. It is important to note that the rankings of these crates are not based on the rocket league game developers. It is based off the polls made by the rocket league players. The 10 best crates in rocket league is based on what I call “Player’s choice rate”. With all that being established, let us delve in.

Here are The 10 Best Crates in Rocket League 2024

1. Turbo Crate

This is an interesting crate in the rocket league game that was introduced into it in march 2017. There is nothing that is particularly special about the turbo crate in rocket league. The Turbo crate was developed in introduced by a developer Psyonix for a particular time frame. In the turbo crate, the following items can be found within:

  • Griffon decal
  • Heiwa decal
  • Kawaii decal
  • Aqueous decal
  • Vector animated decal
  • Septem wheels
  • Fury paint finish
  • Endo body
  • Xenolash rocket boost
  • Tachyon Rocket boost
  • Roulette wheels
  • Snakeskin animated decal
  • Kalos wheels

2. Nitro Crate

This is yet another interesting rocket league crate that was introduced back in may 2017. The items that can be found in this crate include the following:

  • MDGA decal
  • Mobo decal
  • Jiangshi decal
  • Hexphase rocket trail
  • Sticker bomb decal
  • Buzz Kill decal
  • MG-88 animated decal
  • Neo-thermal rocket boost
  • Fireplug wheels
  • Triplex wheels
  • Mantis body
  • K2 wheels
  • Draco wheels

3. Overdrive Crate

Asides from the Nitro crate, another interesting crate that was released by rocket league is the overdrive crate. It was released later back in the month of july 2017. Just like other cool rocket league crates, there are interesting goal explosion animations that are in the items list of the crate. Let us delve into the list of items that a gamer would find in an overdrive crate:

  • Litespeed trail
  • Friction trail
  • Blazer trail
  • Glossy black paint finish
  • Funnybook decal
  • Circuit board paint finish
  • Lone wolf decal
  • Electroshock goal explosion
  • Fireworks goal explosion
  • Turbine wheels
  • Sub-zero goal explosion
  • Hellfire goal explosion

4. Accelerator crate


This is an interesting crate that was introduced back in September 2017. One outstanding thing about the accelerator crate is that is looks like the famous white martini racing livery. The following are cool in-game items that you would find in an accelerator crate:

  • Breakout: chainsaw
  • Centio V17: Gigapede
  • Pearscent
  • Dominus GT: Splatter
  • Jager 619 RS body
  • Power shot trail
  • Hot Rocks trail
  • Lightning trail
  • Gaiden Wheels
  • Saptarishi wheels
  • Jager 619 RS body

5. Velocity crate

The velocity crate is one of the most exciting crates that you would find in rocket league. It was introduced back in 2017 December. The following are the items that a player would find inside the velocity crate:

  • Endo: Mummified
  • Octane: Slimeline
  • Animus GP : Odd Fish
  • Breakout: Type-S S’Mored
  • Anodized
  • Yuzo wheels
  • Hiro wheels
  • Imperator DT5 body
  • Mantis: Snakeskin
  • Zigzag trail
  • Equalizer wheels
  • Fractal Fire boost

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6. Victory Crate

In the year 2018, the victory crate was the first crate to be released. The following are the in-game items that can be found in the victory crate:

  • Imperator DT5: Mosher
  • Merc: Athena
  • Marauder XVIII
  • Jager 619RS: Mister Monsoon
  • Nipper Wheels
  • Dominus: Funny book
  • Luminous trail
  • Werewolf Body
  • Toon sketch
  • Tsunami Beam boost
  • Infinium wheels
  • Chamaleon animated decal
  • Balla- Carra Wheels
  • Trigon Animated decal
  • Toon Goal explosion

7. Triumph Crate

The triumph crate is an interesting crate that was introduced into the rocket league back in 2018. The following are in the in-game items that you would find in a triumph crate:

  • Lift off boost
  • Centio v17: Machina
  • Octane: Dot Rush
  • Dominus GT: NNTR
  • Diomede Wheels
  • Samurai body
  • Comet trail
  • EKG-OMG trail
  • REEVRB wheels
  • Hypnotik wheels
  • Toon goal explosion
  • Storm watch animated decal
  • Atomizer goal explosion
  • Dissolve animated decal

8. The Impact Crate

At number eight on our rocket league best crates list is the impact crate. The impact crate in the rocket league game was created back in 2018. It was released just a month after the release of the triumph crate. The following are the in-game items that can be found in the Impact crate:

  • Masato wheels
  • Imperator DT5: Windswept
  • Dominus GT: Staredown
  • Road Hog: sundae
  • Burnout Boost
  • Twinzer body
  • Migraine banner
  • Cirrus trail
  • Enchanter trail
  • Centro wheels
  • Santa fe wheels
  • Juiced goal explosion
  • Stremline animated decal
  • Atomizer goal explosion
  • Fire God animated decal

9. Ferocity crate

This list of best crates in rocket league would not be complete without including the ferocity crate. It was introduced back into the rocket league in 2019. The following are the list of in-game items that you would find in the ferocity crate:

  • Octane: gale-fire
  • Twinzer: good shape
  • Hat trick banner
  • Jayvyn wheels
  • Straightline
  • Octane: windblast
  • Breakout: Taniwha
  • Diestro body
  • Asik wheels
  • Glitch boost
  • Octane: Tumbling blocks
  • Pyrrhos wheels
  • Hex tide animated decal
  • Zowie wheels
  • Solar flare goal explosion
  • Wet paint animated decal
  • Intriium animated decal

10. Vindicator Crate

This is another interesting crate in rocket league that sums up our list of best crates. It was released back in 2019 and was then called the vindicator crate. The following are the items that can be found in vindicator crate:

  • Octane: Abtruse
  • Fennec: Edge burst
  • Dominus: OR-AISE
    Ouchie banner
  • Clodhopper wheels
  • Truncheon wheels
  • Octane: Kana
  • Picket Wheels
  • Creeper Wheels
  • NeYoYo wheels
  • Shattered goal explosion
  • Neuro Agitator goal explosion
  • Glorifier animated decal

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