Snapchat Spam Bots

How To Stop All Snapchat Spam Bots in 2024 with 6 Simple Steps

One of the most popular social media apps in the app market is Snapchat. Spamming is something that Snapchat users always face. Imagine getting tons of unauthorized automatic messages from bots, and other unknown sources. If that is a challenge you have to deal with in your Snapchat usage, we are here for you. In the course of this article, we will be looking at a practical guide on how to stop Snapchat spam bots.


What Is A Snapchat Spam?

Snapchat Spam

Spam is an automated way to send multiple messages to a user. Snapchat spams usually come in the form of advertisements, that look like they are coming from real users, whereas they are coming from bots. Bots, otherwise known as software robots are what is used to send out these spam messages to multiple people. Unless you are into a business that makes you receive messages from strangers, you should not take automated messages seriously.

Did you know that there are online tutorials on how to use Python programing language to build a Snapchat spam bot? There are even platforms where one can go and buy Snapchat spam bots. However, there are a few platforms like callmechat that you will enjoy chatting with strangers and it’s completely spam free.

How To Stop Snapchat Spam Bot in 2024

There is no big fuss in trying to stop a Snapchat spam bot. You do not need third-party help to block spam messages, rather you can tweak a few settings inside the Snapchat app. Here is how:

  • Head to the homepage of your mobile phone and start the Snapchat app.
  • Click on the account icon that is located on the top left of your screen.
  • Select the “Settings” icon that is shaped like a gear and located on the top right of your screen.
  • The next step is to head to the account page in Snapchat app.
  • Head to the Privacy Controls section, and click Contact Me. In this setting, a Snapchat user can control who messages you. The reason you get the spam message from bots is that the messaging is set to “Everyone”.
  • To change this, tap “My Friends”. There you go, anyone that is not on your friend list will not be able to message you.

Why People Use Snapchat Bots


Most people feel that the best way to boost their Snapchat account is to make use of Snapchat bots. There is a cosmetic feature on Snapchat known as “Snapchat score”. This score increases as a user is more active.

The popular belief is that you can trick the algorithm of Snapchat by using bots to send messages and other multimedia to multiple users, thus boosting your Snapchat score.

List Of Snapchat Bots

We took the pleasure of going to Github (a code repository), to curate the best Snapchat bots out there. Kindly note that some of these bots are no longer active due to constant changes to Snapchat’s API (application interface).

  • The Reflector Bot.
  • The Storifier Bot.
  • The Capture Bot.
  • The Auto-Welcomer Bot.
  • The Reporter Bot.
  • The Googler Bot.
  • The GIF Bot.
  • The Connector Bot.

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Spam messages are something that Snapchat users in different online communities always complain about. However, it is not easy to report spam, but you can block it, and most interestingly, you don’t need any help outside the app. With a few clicks, you can stop bots from spamming you with messages, with the practical guide elucidated above.


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