Minecraft Survival Island Seeds

10 Best Minecraft Survival Island Seeds 2024

Here we go with the survival island seeds in Minecraft for lazy gamers. It would be important to note that there are a class of Minecraft gamers that would not settle for challenges that are better than the ones in lush environments.


However, for all the over-achieving Minecraft gamers that are in need of some challenge to spice up their Minecraft play, here are some of the best Minecraft Survival Island seeds for you. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

The 10 Best Minecraft Survival Island Seeds in 2024;

10. -6729967837280745828

This is an interesting Minecraft Survival island see that features a tiny sand island with just 1 tree although it is close to main land. It is a good option for gamers that want an island experience with some coral reefs, shipwrecks, and underwater Ravines.

The location for getting a shipwreck in this survival seed is within the coordinates ”X: 107.557 / 30.37/ 59.50”. When the player follows the underwater ravine system, you would then come across a shipwreck that is right across this interesting seed.

9. -4875122768029017614

This is an interesting Island survival seed island that was set up by a user /UPh3nemen0N . This seed Island in the Minecraft survival mode is setup like there is a “story” behind it. The Graphics of this seed features an interesting deserted island that has no trees and also contains a shipwreck at the coral Reefs.

8. -6303229651313008450

This is a seed that every Minecraft gamer should try out. The reason for this is that the seed features large amounts of small islands in the vicinity although the mainland is hundred blocks out. All the same, the Survival seed boasts of a nice Island atmosphere, 2 ocean monuments, and an above water shipwreck.

If a gamer wants to locate the 2 ocean monuments in the game, what the player would need to do is to use the below listed coordinates;

  • Coordinates: X: -233.25 / Y: 41.0 / Z: 127.29
  • Coordinates: X: -150.54 / Y: 58.23 / Z: 251.90

7. -8325677096173645360

This is yet another interesting seed island that was made available by Reddit user u/PeanutSlayer18. In this seed, you would get a glacier Biome that has a nearby ocean monument and a shipwreck that the player can loot from.

However, the coordinates for the location of the shipwreck in this survival seed is: -73.03 / Y: 40 / Z: 42.22.  Also, the location of the Ocean monument via its in-game coordinates is X: -47.59 / Y: 70 / Z: 28.07.

6. -8234839994142080900

This is another cool survival island that is located near mainland. It has a nice mountainous terrain, an above ground zombie dungeon, a small mushroom biome, and a nice pass on the side of the mountain.


The locations of this interesting survival seed can be found with the aid of the below listed coordinates;

Mushroom biome:
Coordinates: X: -47.59 / Y: 70 / Z:

Above Ground Zombie Dungeon:
Coordinates: X: -73.03 / Y: 40 / Z: 42.22

5. -174989018

When the gamer spawns, they would be in an ocean that has a shipwreck that is located at a gigantic field of coral reefs. The player would need to go west X: -602.25 / Y: 81.69 / Z: -29.07 from where they spawned to find the survival seed island. Clearly one of the best Minecraft seeds for a survival island.

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4. -8100319023643878756

It is important for the gamer to note that this seed does not have much to offer, but outside shipwrecks, it is a good location for building a base in the Minecraft game. This survival seed was found by Reddit user u/Harlson.

The coordinates for finding these locations are thus:
2 Shipwrecks:

  • Coordinates: X: -233.25 / Y: 41.0 / Z: 127.29
  • Coordinates: X: -192.37 / Y: 43.70 / Z: 348.76

3. 604679399374955521

This is a great survival seed that a Minecraft gamer can use to play with fellow gamers. The reason for this is that the island that is featured in it is very massive. On the mainland, there is a village, a zombie dungeon, and nearby shipwrecks for the Minecraft player to explore. It is also important to note that the area has large cave systems that lead to mineshafts and some interesting underwater ravines.

To be able to locate this cool survival island seed, the following coordinates can be used;

  • For the zombie dungeon- X: -212.70 / Y: 34.82 / Z: -311.70
  • The shipwrecks- -437 / Y: 54.71 / Z: -405.30
  • For the nearby village that is on the mainland – : -437 / Y: 54.71 / Z: -405.30.

2. –3364584573486625704

This is inarguably the second-best survival island seed that a gamer can find in the Minecraft game. In the game, the gamer would spawn into an area that has two small islands that are in the ocean. It is important to note that the first island has nothing, but there is another island where the player can go and build their base as it has a good number of trees.
The following are the coordinates for this interesting survival island seed;

  • For the ocean monument- X: -208.71 / Y: 61.0 / Z: -209.09
  • The Shipwreck -411.16 / Y: 61.54 / Z: -177.53
  • For the zombie dungeon – X: -517.810 / Y: 12.42/ Z: -227.53\

1. -6791730534184788618

This is the best Minecraft survival seed that was found by a Reddit user that goes by u/MCDodge34. It is a Minecraft seed that contains an above water shipwreck, a beautiful ocean monument that has nearby ocean ruins that the player can loot from. It is also has a nearby spider dungeon that is under the survival island.  Here is a breakdown of the locations that the player would see in the Island;

  • For the spider dungeon – X: -42.678 / Y: 30.02 / Z: 161
  • The ocean monument – X: -175.6 / Y: 61.50 / Z: 176.14
  • Ocean Ruins-  X: -203.35 / Y: 51.06 / Z: 249.59
  • For Water Shipwreck – X: -69.424 / Y: 68.01 / Z: 326.43

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