Soul Worker Tier List

Soul Worker Tier List 2024 Best Characters Ranked Accordingly

The soul worker tiers are a fun way to look at who is strongest and weakest in the game. The game showcases a special group of children who get lost in the void and then make a return after 15 years. When they return, they have supernatural abilities, which is the major theme of the soul worker game. In the course of this article, we would delve into the soul worker tier list and the game characters as they are ranked. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


The S Tier of the Soul Worker game characters

In the S tier of the game, the only character that is on the S tier of the soul worker game is Erwin. Her best ability is the use of charms to spin admirers and use his former TV star personality to great effect.

  • Erwin Arclight

The A Tier of the Soul Worker Game

A tier characters are good characters in the game, and are second only to the S tier character. The only problem is that this crop of soul worker characters would not be as effective as the ones in the S tier. Their attacks and defense mechanisms are also not as intriguing as you might expect. They are very much versatile when it comes to playing them.  There are only two soul worker characters that can be found in this interesting game tier:

  • Chii Aruel
  • Ephnel Bombingspear

The B Tier Character in the soul worker game

This is a tier that contains characters that are neither good nor bad. They do not have outstanding attacks but can get the job done for the gamer should they use extra wit to play. There are just three characters that you would find in the soul worker Tier list:

  • Jin Seipatsu
  • Iris Yuma
  • Haru Estia

The C Tier character list in soul worker

It has high attacking stats, but you would definitely struggle with it in the game. In this tier list, there is only one game character present.

  • Lilly Blommerchen

D Tier list of the Soul worker game

It is better for a player not to pick any player from this list as they don’t have promising abilities to enhance your gameplay. In this tier, there is only one game character that is present.

  • Stella Unibell

This is the whole tier list game characters in the soul worker game.

All the Six game characters in the Soul Worker List game


It is important to note that the soul worker game features only six characters. You can improve these game characters by leveling through quest and dungeon experiences. Here is a detailed review of the only six-game characters in the soul worker game.

1. Haru Estia

This is a 17-year-old character that falls under the soulman class. She is a shy female character that is timid on the outside but is very hot on the inside. She attacks her enemies with the soulum sword in the game.

2. Erwin Arclight

This is an 18-year-old male game character that makes use of gun jazz in the game. He can use his twin pistol to cause a lot of havoc on enemies. He was formerly a TV star and has a lot of confidence according to the game plot.

3. Lily Bloommerchen

According to the game plot, around 15 years ago, in the descent of the demons from the void, lilly’s sibling was murdered. This resulted in the unleashing of her madness. This made her soul to manifest in the game as  Mist scythe. The fighting style of lilly in the game can be seen as super brutal as she displays skills such as carnage and guillotine.

4. Stella Unibell

Despite being a vulnerable character, she has a cute appearance but should never be underestimated. She uses the howling guitar to scream through her soul. She has an incredible ability to deal a wide range of damage in the game.

5. Jin Seipatsu

Jin Seipatsu is a 17-year-old male soul worker character that specializes in the use of spirit arms. He is a trained fighter and can wreak havoc on the battlefield.

6. Iris Yuma

This is considered as the youngest daughter of the well-established Yuma family according to the game plot. In the events of the void, her family died and was swallowed by the void. The iris character makes use of the hammer to deal blows in both short and long-range.

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