Greedfall Sleeping Pills: How to Complete the Coin Guard Merchandise

The greedfall game is an intriguing game saddled with a lot of side quests. This article focuses on simple yet practical ways to complete the coin Guard Merchandise quest in the Greedfall game.
In this interesting Greedfall quest, the player would need to enter a rival faction area and then smuggle in some merchandise. When the player is done with this quest, then they would be able to increase their standing with the coin guard.


Where to Get Sleeping Pills in Greedfall?

  • Sleeping pills in the greedfall game can be purchased from most merchants in the game. You need to ensure that you check the quest tab in the shops in other to find them. The fun part is that they can be crafted in Greedfall. The player would need science level 1 together with hoof fungus, beast essence, and inonotus Hispidus.
  • Crafting all these things in the game is quiet easy but you would need to make sure that you gather all these items beforehand.  You would need them during the quest called “A Name for a Family”.
  • As the Greedfall game progresses, you would need to make sure that your enemies fall asleep, so that you can move through without creating a rockus.
  • The only thing that the gamer needs in the game is to find a workbench. You can go on to find one in your residence at the campfire and create as much as you want.
  • As so you go on to find out more places in the game, you can craft the sleeping pills anywhere you want.

How to Complete Coin Guard Merchandise

The moment you recruit kurt, the mission in the greedfall game would begin. This is where the player would need to visit a merchant who would ask for double price if the player wants their merchandise.
Coin Guard Merchandise
Kurt would now explain that this decision came all the way from his b0ss and then the player would reach a point where there would have up to four choices.
Use charisma to threaten to give a prison sentence

  • Threaten kurt
  • Use intuition to offer kurt a bribe
  • Leave

If you then get a god outcome does not involve you overpaying, you would gain reputation with the coin guard in the game. The next thing involved would be to visit the quartermaster that is resident in the barracks. The Quartermaster would now ask you to smuggle some cargo into the ship.
The player would now go back and speak with the Captain, who would insist that if the cargo is not in the warehouse or cargo list, that the goods would not be going anywhere.
The next thing for the game character to do is to alter the Harbour masters’ cargo list. In the game, you can go undetected, though you might wind up fighting some Nauts and losing reputation points.
Most areas on the map are controlled by factions and when you enter these areas without being a member of the faction, you might end up in a fight.

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Also, the player can kill the Naut so that they can buy sailors boots, gloves and coat and steal their uniform.  If the gamer has science, they can go on to put sleeping tablets in a drink so that the guards are incapacitated. You would need science level 1 to be able to do this. Other things that would needed in making a laced drink would be a bottle of brandy and a sleeping potion.
You can buy the items needed for making a laced drink from the merchant around the corner.
Furthermore, there are about two to three guards that are inside that you would need to deal with. You can deal with them by sneaking in or with a fighting approach.  The moment you game character is inside, go inside through the door on the left. There, you would see a chest, which when opened would lead you to the next stage of the quest.
Next up, the player would need to go through the door to alter records, pick up the serene harbor jail key, then move on to complete this step. The next thing would be to head to the sailors outfit and head over to the next warehouse. You would then need to convince them to leave because they would think you are Naut. After this you would need to then give them a laced drink.
After dealing with the Nauts in the game, you can inform the porters to keep the goods inside the warehouse.  Then, you would now gain 2 reputation points. Then, you would need to wait until you reach new serene so that you can speak to other quartermasters around.
You would need to hold on to the sailors outfit. This will help you sneak in without any fuss to the warehouses and mark which crates the coin guard needs to uplift.


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